Impact Wrestling Preview (1/5) – Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

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Impact Wrestling Preview doesn’t really know what to expect out of this match aside from another brutal classic as Sami Callihan seeks to end his feud with Eddie Edwards.

Over the last decade, Callihan and Edwards have had some of the most memorable matches in the company’s history.

Lately, Callihan has taken things up a notch as he wants Edwards at his absolute best brutality wise to give us a match we’ll remember for a long time.

After all of their back and forths, this one has a different feeling to it as it’s been rumored that Callihan might leave Impact Wrestling.

Callihan is one of three big Impact Wrestling stars that could leave in the first quarter of 2021 (Ethan Page recently decided to leave and there’s been no word on Taya Valkyrie).

That could be a possible storyline reason and why he could pay a visit to AEW soon because he recently resigned with Impact for two more years.

Of course, whatever they have planned for us, we doubt this will be the end to their feud for very long simply because these two are a great pair.

Honestly, we’d love to see more matches between the two of them as they’re always classics, and feuds between the heart and soul of a promotion and a consummate outsider never grows old when done right.

With all of that being said, we expect Edwards to win this in large part to Alisha interfering somehow as she has a definite stake in this.

Nothing is as it seems

Callihan has shown no problem attacking the women on the show as he bottled Melissa Santos at her wedding to Brian Cage, piledrove Katie Forbes in hers and RVD’s final Impact match, and has attempted to piledrive Alisha Edwards multiple times.

So far, Eddie or someone coming out to help him have prevented it, but could tonight be the night Callihan fulfills his dark intent?

One possibility is that Ken Shamrock’s 30 day suspension could be over or close enough to it that he could return in a surprise twist.

He’d give Callihan the edge he would need to take both Edwards out and cementing himself as one of the top heels in the industry.

Who do you think will win and do you think this is Callihan’s last match with Impact for the near future? Let Impact Wrestling Preview know in the comments below.

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