Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Cody Deaner w/Eric Young and Joe Doering Defeated Tommy Dreamer w/Cousin Jake and Rhino by Disqualification

Jake couldn’t take Cody’s change any longer and took his legs out on the apron or the DQ

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This is going to be a great preview of their 6 man tag match at Hard To Kill and Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait. Talk about chaotic potential.

Cody started off by biting Dreamer’s forehead, and then kicked him down in the corner.

Cody charged into the corner but Dreamer sidestepped him and hit a slam, but was tripped off the ropes by Doering.

Rhino returned the favor when Cody went off the rope, and the referee ejected Rhino and Doering.

Cody attacked Dreamer from behind, and Dreamer fought back before Cody slammed him backwards and hit a knee and elbow before he drove Dreamer into the corner.

Cody dug into Dreamer’s eyes in front of Jake to taunt him, then did the same in front of Young. Cody hit a shoulder block on Dreamer off the ropes and twisted hi head, but Dreamer fought out of it and hit a clothesline.

Dreamer nailed Cody with a couple of shots that Cody stopped with a kick. Dreamer got out of the Deaner DDT and hit an elbow.

Cody went off the top rope and Dreamer got his foot up, and Cody rolled to the ring.

Cody slapped Jack on the floor, and jake had enough and took ut Cody’s legs for the disqualification.

Young attacked Dreamer from behind, and Jake went after Young.

Young and Cody got the upper hand, but Rhino came out and took both of them down with a double clothesline.

Doering came out and tool some of Rhino’s best shots before he leveled Rhino with a clothesline.

Doering threw Jake to Cody, who hit a Deaner DDT.

Young piledrove Dreamer when Doering threw him to Young.

The three stood victorious in the middle of the ring, looking as brutally intense as ever.

Contract signings and opportunities

Scott D’Amore just got the signatures for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match at Hard To Kill, and Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan ran their moths a 1000 miles per hour before Havok and Nevaeh slammed them against the walls.

Havok told them they have a lot to see and wants to know what they have to say after they win for the titles. When they were released and Havok and Nevaeh left, they called after them never to touch them again.

Brian Myers, looking like he had a headache at the noise, came in and asked when he’s going to get an opportunity, and Josh Alexander came in and said he didn’t really win.

D’Amore ranted about how they should have a match and Myers said he smells collusion. D’Amore’s awesome at these rants.

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