Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo Defeated Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary by Pinfall

Valkyrie was distracted by Susan and Purrazzo and Lee rolled her up for the win

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

It looks like we have a good show ahead of us tonight for the Go Home episode for Hard To Kill.

Let’s get to the action.

Taya Valkyrie w/Rosemary vs. Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo

This should be a good one and a statement match by Valkyrie while Purrazzo scouts here to prepare for their Hard To Kill Knockouts Championship match.

Lee went right after Valkyrie with a series of blows and bounced Valkyrie’s head on a turnbuckle and then another.

She threw Valkyrie across the ring and choked her, but ran into a boot and Valkyrie took her down with a double leg takedown and landed some blows.

Valkyrie threw her into a corner, and stomped her down.

Valkyrie hit a couple of chops that sounded hard enough we don’t want to get hit by them, then hit a kick and knee on Lee before she threw Lee into the ropes and Lee slid to the floor.

Valkyrie charged the ropes and Lee caught her with a kick, then mounted her and hammered away before slamming her head into the mat.

Lee then hit a suplex for a pin attempt.

Lee locked in a stretch hold on Valkyrie’s shoulders, but Valkyrie leaned back to pin lee, forcing her to break the hold.

Lee rolled Valkyrie around the mat in a leg scissors for a pin attempt, then snapmared Valkyrie over and locked in a reverse chin lock.

Valkyrie fought out of the hold with a series of elbows, then hit a pair of kicks for a pin attempt.

Lee then hit a kick for her own [in attempt.

Lee stomped Valkyrie in the corner and then picked her up to hit a series of chops and a snapmare and kick to Valkyrie’s back for a pin attempt.

Lee hammered on Valkyrie’s back, and hit a sidewalk slam before she headed to the top rope for a swanton that Valkyrie countered by getting her knees up.

Valkyrie hit a pair of clotheslines and chops before nailing Lee with a spear for a near pinfall.

Lee missed with a kick, and Valkyrie slammed Lee into the mat from a surfboard set up.

Lee kicked Valkyrie off and Purrazzo distracted her for Lee to hit a German suplex for a near pinfall.

Valkyrie hit a clothesline and drove Lee into the second turnbuckle, then hit a running double knee and went for the pin, but Purrazzo put Lee’s arm on the bottom rope.

Rosemary backed Purrazzo away and Rosemary caught her on the ramp as Susan came out and Rosemary released her.

Susan nailed Rosemary and they beat down Rosemary while Lee fought out of a Road to Valhalla.

Valkyrie was distracted by Purrazzo and Susan holding Rosemary and Lee rolled her up for the win.

On Kenny Omega’s bus, Omega was upset asking who drank the last one and Anderson admitted it was him.

Callis then said he really stuck his neck out for Hard To Kill, and they don’t need any distractions but momentum.

He and Omega pumped Karl Anderson up, saying he’ll show everyone the real machinegun.

Anderson said he doesn’t need them out there, and he doesn’t need to be pumped up as he’s got this.

Tony Kahn’s commercial

Tony Kahn and Tony Schiavone appeared with another paid add where they said Impact has made money off of him through buying these adds, got to see Kenny Omega, and tomorrow we’ll get to see a real wrestling show.

Schiavone broke down the matches on AEW Dynamite tomorrow night.

Kahn mentioned how Brian Cage was a former Impact Wrestling World Champion, and then sent a couple of barbs his and the Good Brothers’ way.

He told Impact they can send anyone they want to Dynamite tomorrow. These are awesome bits, and Impact Wrestling Results love how Tony Kahn channels his inner Vince McMahon/Eric Bischoff.

Sami Callihan then appeared n his lab as a recap of his and Eddie Edwards’ 3 year feud are going to war one more time in the bloodiest and most brutal match in Impact Wrestling — Barbed Wire Massacre.

The recap concluded with last week’s action and Callihan said he’s been in matches like this and Edwards doesn’t know what’s coming while Edwards said he is Hard To Kill.

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