Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Rich Swann Defeated Karl Anderson by Pinfall

Swann countered a cutter attempt by rolling Anderson up for the win

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Time for the match Impact Wrestling Results have been waiting for and Doc Gallows, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis were watching from the bus.

They may be banned from ringside, btu we’ll see how long that’ll last.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) watched from backstage and they looked nervous.

We returned from commercial with the match already in progress with Anderson in control with a headlock, but Swann pushed him unto the ropes and took him down with an arm drag takedown and armbar.

Anderson threw him across the ring, but Swann avoided his charge in the corner and locked in another armbar.

Anderson pushed Swann into the ropes, and then sent him off the ropes,  ut Swann caught him with another takedown and armbar.

In the corner, Anderson nailed Swann with a right to the midsection and then his head before he kicked Swann’s previously injured leg.

Anderson choked him out some, then put him in an armbar and kicked his arm.

Anderson then threw Swann into a corner and stomped him.

Swann fought back with a seirs of rights, and Anderson got a hold of his right arm and threw him down by it, then twisted his nose before breaking.

Swann nailed him with a couple of rights and tried to go over Swann, but Anderson stopped and threw Swann into the ring post.

Swann pulls it out

Back from commercial, the action was back in the ring with Anderson in control with a shoder lock, but Swann fought out of it.

Anderson flipped Swann onto the apron and hung Swann’s left arm on the ropes.

Anderson followed Swann to the floor and slammed Swann’s arm into the ring apron, then sent him into the ring post shoulder first.

Anderson rolled out to the floor and sent Swann into the ring for a pin attempt, then locked in a wrist lock. He then stomped on Swann’s arm before setting in a wrist lock again.

Swann hit a couple of rights to Anderson’s midsection, then they hit each other with a clothesline off the ropes.

Anderson got to his feet first and nailed Swann with a forearm, and Swann hit his own. They continued exchanging rights before Swann started to get the better of the exchange.

Swann sidestepped a charge in one corner, then his with a reverse elbow and a boot.

Swann then hit another boot and a rolling clothesline, and then hit Anderson with a series of strikes.

Swann hit a neckbreaker and a kick for a near pinfall. Swann then charged in but Anderson ducked his charge and hit a running boot for a near pinfall.

Anderson went for a cutter, but Swann rolled him up for the pin.

Great ending we didn’t see coming to set up the 6 man tag match on Saturday.

A quick shot showed the bus was empty while the MCMG celebrated.

In the dressing room, Gallows and Omega charged in and attacked the MCMG before Swann and Anderson joined them.

The brawl continued as the show ended, but it looks like Swann was starting to gain an edge after dropping Anderson and then nailing Omega.

Gallows and Shelley continued to exchange blows in the back of the room.

This was an awesome show that did a great job setting up the Hard To Kill PPV this Saturday.

We’re looking forward to it, but let us know what you thought of this match and show tonight.

And as always, Impact Wrestling Results had a great time and can’t wait for the next one.

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