Impact Wrestling Results (1/12) – Rosemary Defeated Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K by Pinfall; Moose Defeated Mathew Palmer by Referee’s Decision

Rosemary hit a spear on Dashwood for the win; Moose beat Palmer unconscious, forcing the referee to call it

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Dashwood started it off trying to point out why they should work together, but Rosemary didn’t look like she cared.

Dashwood held out her hand and Rosemary accepted, then [pulled her close and crushed her hand.

Rosemary hit a clothesline, and then she threw Dashwood across the ring, then did it again.

Rosemary grabbed Dashwood and pulled into the ring form the apron, and slammed her into the corner. She followed it with a spinning sidewalk slam off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Rosemary pounded on Dashwood’s back and went off the ropes, but Kaleb grabbed her leg. Rosemary picked him up by his hair, and he sprayed Rosemary in the face with hairspray.

Dashwood caught a blinded Rosemary with a kick for a near pinfall, and then pounded on Rosemary before going for another pin attempt.

Dashwood wrapped Rosemary in the ropes while Kaleb recorded it. Rosemary hit with a couple of elbows to Dashwood’s midsection.

Dashwood hit a drop toe hold and followed it with a neckbreaker on the ropes for a near pinfall.

Dashwood sent her into a corner, but ran into a reverse elbow, and Dashwood fought out of an upside down and hit a cannonball for a near pinfall.

Dashwood then tried a double underhook, but Rosemary fought out of it and they hit a clothesline off the ropes on each other.

They traded forearms int eh middle of the ring, and Rosemary hit two clotheslines and a slingblade, but missed a splash in the corner. She then locked in an upside down on Dashwood.

Dashwood tried to crawl away and held onto the side of the ring as Rosemary dragged her back into the ring. Dashwood hit a couple of kicks and hit a double underhook slam for a near pinfall.

Decay’s back!

Rosemary caught her Spotlight kick and countered with a clothesline.

Kaleb got on the apron but Crazzy Steve rose up behind him and pulled Kaleb off the apron and Steve chased him through the ring.

Dashwood had the hairspray, but Rosemary used Dashwood’s own hand to spray Dashwood in the face, then hit a spear for the win.

We so want to see more of Steve and Rosemary (Decay) together.

Backstage, Rich Swann cut a promo about his match against Karl Anderson, and pointed out they’re going to have a little bit of friendship and partnership on Saturday, but tonight it’s just the two of them.

Man to man, knuckle to knuckle, champion to champion and afterwards Anderson can go to the tour bus and look his friends in the eyes and tell his friends they’re going to get their a—– kicked.

Moose vs. Mathew Palmer

Moose motioned for Palmer to take the first shot, and Palmer hit four of running dropkicks with Moose encouraging him.

Moose grabbed him and threw him into the corner, then nailed Palmer with a right after Palmer hit a chop.

Moose picked him up and threw him across the ring and casually kicked Palmer before throwing him across the ring again.

Moose encouraged him to fight back with three punches to Moose’s midsection, and Moose stopped it with a single right, then he tore at Palmer’s face before releasing him.

Moose went after Palmer’s face again, then choked him out on the bottom rope with his foot as he took his time and enjoyed dishing out the punishment.

Moose hit a couple of strikes to Palmer’s midsection, the hit with a knee and dared Palmer to fight back.

Palmer hit him in the throat and a knee, followed by two knees off the top rope.

Moose caught his charge and spiked him with a couple of standing Rock Bottoms.

Moose mounted Palmer and beat him until he was unconscious. The referee called for the bell, handing Moose the victory by referee’s decision, and had to bodily push Moose off of him.

This was pretty much what Impact Wrestling Results expected. What do you think of the match?

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