Impact Wrestling Results (1/19) – Brian Myers Defeated Fallah Bahh by Pinfall

Myers hit a low blow and clothesline for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Myers went for a single leg takedown but Bahh didn’t move, so Myers regrouped and went or a headlock.

Bahh threw him into the ropes and hit a shoulder block, then followed it with a hard slam and leg drop for a pin attempt.

Bahh hit a crossbody off the ropes for a near pinfall, and then readied for a splash but Myers caught him with a boot.

Myers went for an ax handled off the second rope and Bahh hit a slam for a near pinfall on Myers.

Myers hit a kick off the ropes and caught him on the top ropes, then landed a few jackhammer fists for a pin attempt.

Myers then stomped Bah and locked in a reverse headlock, but Bahh powered to his feet and hit a belly to back suplex to break the hold.

Bahh dropped Myers with a trio of forearms and hit a splash in the corner, followed by backing it up.

Bahh then hit a Samoan Drop for a near pinfall.

Myers landed a couple of rights with no effect. Bahh accidentally poked Myers in the eyes and Myers wasn’t seriously hurt and hit a low blow and a clothesline for the pin.

Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander have common enemies

Gia asked Ace Austin what happened at Hard To Kill, and he said it was a tragedy. He pointed out that he’s the best and Impact should’ve put him in instead of watching Josh Alexander wrestle.

He called Alexander the weak link of The North and now he should just fade away.

He then called out facing Matt Cardona for previously being paid not to wrestle for a reason.

Alexander cut him off and told him he’s had to listen to Austin for three years and he’ll give him a lesson.

He told him nothing is given in this business, it’s earned.

Alexander shoved Austin and Fulton jumped him from behind and held him for Austin to nail hi a few times.

Cardona came in to save the day, and it looks like we may have a new team and feud. This is going to be a good one going forward in singles and tag action.

Myers picks a fight with Edwards

Backstage, the doctor examined Eddie Edwards and said now would be a good time to cancel any and all future hardcore matches.

Myers interrupted and he doctor told him he’s fine. Myers told him he was poked in the eyes and Edwards already had his match.

Edwards challenged him to a match next week and Myers said he’s lucky he’s not medically cleared yet. This is one Impact Wrestling Results doesn’t want to miss.

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