Impact Wrestling Results (1/19) – Eric Young w/ Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Cody Deaner) Defeated Rhino w/Cousin Jake by Submission

Young slapped on a figure 4 for the win

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

This should be a fun show as we’re coming off the groundbreaking and historic pay-per-view Hard To Kill.

With plenty of action happening tonight, let’s get into it.

The show started with a recap of Hard To Kill and the end of the show with Don Callis backstage with Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers about to head to the hotel.

Once they left, Callis came back and addressed the camera about how we got to see something that’s never been done before, and while others are absorbing it, they’re already planning their next move.

He promised to take a hiatus and take care of business in Jacksonville. Have fun AEW Dynamite.

Tonight’s show began with the Impact Zone using piped in crowd noise like the WWE has been doing, but the stands were still empty.

Eric Young w/ Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Cody Deaner) vs. Rhino w/Cousin Jake

We expect this to be a good on, and Young charged in and Rhino sidestepped him, then hit a series of rights and chops before he sent Young into the ropes.

Young slid to the floor and Jake threw him back in and Rhino hit a clothesline, and bounced Young off the turnbuckle, then the other before Yong headed to the top rope.

Rhino went to grab him but Young stuck a thumb in his eye, and hit a low blow when the ref was distracted.

Young then stomped Rhino down and hit an elbow before going to a pi attempt.

Young hit a kick for another pin attempt. He then locked in a neck hold to wear Rhino down.

Rhino fought out of the hold with a series of elbows and strikes, then he ran into a elbow. Young then missed an elbow off the top rope.

Rhino hit a couple of clotheslines and threw Young into the corner and hit a spear.

Rhino then hit a belly to belly suplex and readied to the Gore, but Cody climbed into the ring and Doering pulled Rhino down, dropped Jake with a clothesline, and banged Rhino’s leg on the ring post.

Young then locked in a figure 4 for the win, but Young wouldn’t let go of the hold and Cody chased the referee out of the ring.

Cody threw a chair into the ring, and jumped Jake when he tried to hel while Young put the chair on Rhino’s left ankle for Doering to stomp on it multiple times to try to break Rhino’s leg.

Violent By Design left the ring with Rhino writhing in agony with several officials trying to help him.

Moose’s promise

They showed a clip from Saturday where Moose attacked Rich Swann backstage after the match, and Moose told him he kept his word to be the best teammate he ever had, but now he wants the Impact title.

Swann responded by giving Moose his shot later tonight. This should be a great match.

New developments

Acey Romero came up to Tommy Dreamer with John E Bravo and told Dreamer Larry D was set up.

Romero told him he went into the Knockouts locker room and Found Ring Rust.

Dreamer said everyone’s using it now, and Romero said someone sprayed Larry to trigger his change into Lawrence D.

Romero then said he knows finger print analysis, and the same finger prints are on the vial of cologne and the gun.

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