Impact Wrestling Results (1/19) Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quin) w/Matt Hardy Defeated Chris Sabin and James Storm by Pinfall

Private Party hit their Gin and Juice on Sabin for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned with the match already underway with Kassidy and Sabin countering various arm bars and arm drags.

Even countering each other with dropkicks didn’t help but we caught out breath and Quin tagged in and hit Sabin with a atomic drop and Kassidy followed it with a dropkick from behind and Quin hit a double stomp for a pin attempt.

Kassidy tagged in and hit an ax handle off the top rope, and Sabin then leaped over both or them to bring in Storm.

Storm was up to the challenge athletically as he nailed Quin with a slingblade and threw him onto the apron, and then Kassidy out on top of him, but Kassidy rolled back in to hit a DDT on Storm.

Storm hit a big boot on Quin and an elbow on Kassidy, but Quin hit Storm with a kick to his head to knock him off the top rope as Tony Kahn and Jerry Lynn took a seat at ringside.

Storm rolled into the ring and Quinn stomped him down as we headed to commercial.

Kahn at work

Back from commercial, we’re hoping things slowed down a little but no one told them and Quin continued to stomp Storm down in the corner.

Kassidy tagged in and they hit a double atomic drop, and then they made a wish and went for a pin attempt.

Quin locked in a front face lock, but Storm powered to his feet and it was a test of strength before Storm picked him up and flipped him over his shoulder.

Sabin tagged in and hit a double cross body off the top ropes and hit a series of chops and kicked off of Quin’s head to hit Kassidy with a DDT.

Sabin hit an elbow on Quin and then a missile dropkick. Storm Came in and pushed Sabin for more torque on a spinning DDT and a near pinfall on Quin.

They then picked up Quin for a suplex, but Kassidy saved him. Kassidy flipped Storm onto the floor, but Storm pulled him out to the floor.

Storm hit a Lumblower (backstabber) on Quin for a near pinfall by Sabin.

Quin hit a step up kick on Sabin, but Storm dropped him with a neckbreaker and then Kassidy took Storm down with a step up kick.

Sabin hit Kassidy with a suplex while Matt shouted instructions.

Sabin and Quin exchanged blows, and Quin hit a step up kick and then dropped Sabin onto Kassidy’s knees so he could hit a standing moonsault off Sabin’s back and onto Sabin, but Storm broke up the pin attempt.

Quin then knocked Storm to the floor with a dropkick and hit a suicide flip over the top rope.

Kassidy ran into a boot by Sabin and Sabin headed to the middle rope when Lynn grabbed his boot while Matt distracted the ref. Private Party then hit a Gin and Juice for the win.

The Good Brothers came out and faux applauded the win and slowly climbed into the ring.

The Good Brothers and Private Party jawed back and forth before Storm went after Anderson and Sabin and Private Party went after Gallows.

The brawl continued as the show went off the air.

This was an awesome show and Impact Wrestling Results love the cross company promotion going on.

What did you all think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining us. We had a blast and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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