Impact Wrestling Results (1/26) Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander Defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton by Pinfall

Cardona hit Fulton with a sit down splash for the win

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This has the potential to be a fun match and Impact Wrestling Results have been looking forward to it.

Alexander and Fulton started it off with Alexander going behind Fulton and then brought Fulton down with a leg lock, but Fulton kicked him off and slammed him into their corner and tagged in Austin.

Fulton then hit a shoulder to hold Alexander in place for Austin.

Austin was shoved down by Alexander, and Alexander caught him in the air for a spine buster.

Cardona came in and countered Austin’s attempt to tag out by face planting him and then knocked him to the floor with a clothesline.

Alexander sent Fulton to the floor, and Cardona leaped over Alexander and the top rope to take Fulton and Austin down with a cross body as we headed to commercial.

Cardona’s new energy

Back from commercial, the action was back in the ring and Alexander and Cardona threw Fulton into the ropes.

Fulton dropped Cardona and picked up Alexander for Austin to hit a leg drop off the top rope.

Austin then threw Alexander into a corner and stomped Alexander down.

Alexander fought out of a side headlock and took a knee to the back in the ropes by Fulton and Austin hammered him down and pulled him back to his corner.

Fulton hit a splash, followed by Austin hitting an elbow, and Fulton then hit a chokeslam for a near pinfall.

Fulton choked Alexander out with his foot and threw Alexander in his corner and his a splash in the corner for a pin attempt that Cardona broke up.

Austin tagged in and threw Fulton into the corner after Alexander. Alexander kicked Fulton back into Austin.

Cardona came in and shoved Fulton over the top rope and went to work on Austin before Fulton pulled Austin to the floor.

Cardona hit a double dropkick, and a crossbody for a near pinfall that Fulton broke up.

Fulton tagged in and threw Cardona into a corner and slammed his head into the different turnbuckles.

Alexander came to Cardona’s aid and exchanged blows on Fulton before he dropped Fulton to his knees with a series of forearms.

Fulton went for a chokeslam on Alexander, but Alexander fought out and was hit with a superkick by Austin.

Cardona leaped over an Austin backdrop to hit Fulton with a sit down splash for the win.

This was a pretty good match and Cardona was exciting to watch. We’re looking forward to seeing more of him.

Rohit’s new friend

Rohit Raju said he’s jumping all the hurdles that are being put in his way, and once he wins next week he’ll have his title shot and asked for help.

He promised they’ll be side by side on top of the mountain, and asked a mystery man if he was with him and it looked like Rohit has an ally.

Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait to see who it is.

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