Impact Wrestling Results (1/5) – 3 Minute Challenge – Mathew Palmer Defeated Moose; Susan Appears, Ethan Page Challenges Karate Man

Willie Mack came out to distract Moose so the clock ran out and Palmer won

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Purrazzo and Lee waited outside a room for Father James Mitchell and when he came out he told them it’s done and she wasn’t Su Yung anymore but not Susie.

Susan came out dressed like a lawyer and introduced herself.

This looks like it’s going to be a fun persona. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

3 Minute Challenge – Moose vs. Mathew Palmer

Palmer started it off attacking Moose with a bunch of rights, and Moose countered with a standing Rock Bottom, then another.

Moose mounted him and pummeled Palmer before standing back up and slowly stalked Palmer before hitting with a kick.

Moose let him hit him with a couple or rights, then levels Palmer with a right and hit a series of kicks and stomps, then made Palmer look at the clock a it neared the one minute mark.

Moose then threw Palmer across the ring and continued to take hit time.

Moose told him to give him his best shot nd Palmer hit with a knee lift. Moose responded with a knee and a powerbomb, then told Palmer to get up with 20 seconds left.

Willie Mack came out and distracted Moose so the time ran out.

Mathew Palmer beat Moose thanks to Willie Mack, and Moose looked ready to kill. His and Mack’s I Quit match is going to be a good one.

Page picks a fight with Karate Man

Backstage, Ethan Page said when they lost the titles, things started unraveling, and hit Karate man persona responded.

Karate Man told him that when things look like they’re derailed, it’s because life has a different plan, and that he has to build it back better than before.

Page said that the bigger problem is Impact and everyone there are out to get him and maybe he’s not the problem.

Karate Man said he’s listening to a man that calls himself All Ego and called Page a bi—.

The two faced off with Page listing his accomplishments and said he’s done taking advice from him and it’s time to beat down the Karate Man.

Karate Man said they will fight on his terms at Hard To Kill.

Page accepted. This is going to be a fun cinematic match and Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait.

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