Impact Wrestling Results (1/5) – Cody Deaner and Joe Doering w/Eric Young Defeated Cousin Jake and Rhino by Pinfall

Cody hit a DDT on Jake for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Jake grabbed a mic and said he’s dealt with betrayal and it cuts deep as he implored Cody to come out so they can fix whatever is wrong, and then they called out Young and Doering.

Cody Deaner came out with Young and Doering with a newly shaved head and Young in street cloths for a nice twist on the expected match.

Young said Cody answers to him because he opened his eyes to the truth and showed him what’s really going on.

He said they’re looking at the real world, at the design, and Jake and Rhino aren’t it. They then headed to the ring.

Jake plead with Cody not to do this and Cody went right after him with a series of blows and he backed Jake into a corner, then bite Jake on the forehead and choked him out.

Cody drop Jake’s head into his team’s turnbuckle then choked him out on the middle rope and hit a series of rights before tagging in Doering.

Doering hit a couple of kicks, the hammered Jake down and threw him into the ropes.

Jake ducked a clothesline, but Doering hit with a crossbody as we headed to commercial.

Tommy Dreamer with the save

Back from commercial, Cody was in control and choking jake out in his corner, and then stomping him.

Cody pulled Jake up and rammed him into their corner and hit a running elbow and stomped Jake down as Young kept telling him to remember what Jake id to him.

Jake’s absorbed a ton of punishment so far, and Jake slipped out of a hold to tag in Rhino.

Rhino took out Cody and knocked Doering off the apron and hit a gore on Cody in the corner before tagging in Jake.

Jake pled with Cody again while Doering nailed Rhino with a clothesline on the floor.

Young distracted jake so Cody could hit a low blow and follow it with a DDT for the win.

After the match, Doering, Cody, and Young stomped on Jake, then Young went to choke out Rhino when he tried to help out.

Tommy Dreamer came out with a kendo stick and cleared the ring, daring them to get back in the ring.

Dreamer called them out for betraying him and challenged Young and company to face them at Hard To Kill but not Hardcore or extreme, but Old School Rules with not DQ, count outs, and falls will count anywhere.


Backstage, Gia interviewed Mathew Palmer about what prompted him to accept Moose’ 3 minute challenge.

He said he didn’t mean to rip Moose’s shirt, and he’s not a security guard but a professional wrestler for 14 years and he was looking for an opportunity to prove himself and Moose has given it to him.

He said he could go home without facing Moos and hang his head in shame or get his butt kicked by Moose and go home with his head held high.

He said he guesses the whole world will know who he is if he lasts all 3 minutes. Pretty good point, and Impact Wrestling Results wishes him the best.

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