Impact Wrestling Results (1/5) – Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards Ended in No Contest

Both men refused to listen to the referee, and continued their fight into the backstage area

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Impact Wrestling Results were surprised when they came out from the back fighting as Callihan avoided getting his with his baseball bat, and then nailed Edwards a couple of times with a steel chair before missing and hitting the ring post.

Edward hit with a headbutt, but Callihan ducked and Edwards hit the ring post with a chop.

Callihan threw the chair at Edward to knock him down, then stood on and walked over Edwards groin.

Callihan pulled off Edwards’ jacket and hit a few rights before Edwards knocked him back into the railing as we headed to commercial.

The match didn’t even start yet.

A match sorta broke out

Back from commercial, Edwards suplexed Callihan into the ring apron, then hit in hit the midsection with a chair and the match hasn’t started yet.

Callihan nailed Edwards with a wrench and then a steel chair. Caliihan tried to stab Edwards in the eye with the wrench, but Edwards got it away from him and the two exchanged bows on the floor.

Callihan raked his eyes and dropped him on the apron with a suplex, then a crawling headbutt.

Callihan raked his back, and Edwards hit with a chop. Callihan responded with an elbow and threw another chair into Edwards’ face.

Callihan told him he should’ve stayed home with his family, then stomped and choked Edwards by the security railing.

Callihan hit a running knee and then set up a chair. Callihan attempted to suplex Edwards onto the chair, but Edwards fought out of it and hit a couple of headbutts, forcing Callahan to sit in the chair.

Edwards charged him, and Callihan caught him and suplexed him into the chair, injuring Edwards’ knee and then threw him into the ring so the match could officially start.

They stood nose to nose and traded blows in the middle of the ring before Edwards drove him into the corner.

The ref tried to separate them, and Edwards threw him aside.

Callihan then hammered Edwards down and thre the ref aside when he tried to stop him.

They exchanged knees and boots, then went after each others’ eyes before shoving the referee aside, calling it a no contest.

Callihan’s surprise

Edwards backed Callihan into a corner, and ran into a boot.

Callihan threw him to the floor and hit a dive through the ropes. Edwards then hit a dive through the ropes as they tried to one up each other.

Edwards picked up Callihan’s baseball bat and approached Callihan on the ramp with it while Callihan begged.

Callihan pulled out his phone as Edwards was bout to hit him, and the screen showed Alisha Edward locked in a cage somewhere in the building.

Edwards ran out of the ring area to find her, and headed into the bowels of the building calling for her.

He found her in the back and she told him it was a trap as Ken Shamrock attacked him from behind.

Callihan arrived and went after Edwards’ eyes, then his him with the baseball bat in the midsection before wrapping Edwards’ head in barbed wire while Shamrock kept telling Alisha it was Edwards’s fault.

Callihan nailed him with the bat, and Shamrock told Alisha now she has Edwards’ back, and then told Edwards this was his fault.

Shamrock and Callihan left and Alisha Asked Edwards if he was all right as the show ended.

This was an awesome show and the main event was even more brutal than we expected.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results. We had fun like always, and can’t wait until next time.

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