Impact Wrestling Results (1/5) – Super X-Cup Preview – Crazzy Steve Defeated Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton, Blake Christian, KC Navarro; Bullet Club Talks Chemistry

Steve hit a DDT off the second rope on Navarro for the win

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

It looks like we’re going to have an awesome show tonight for the Go Home episode of Genesis this Saturday, so let’s get right to it.

Super X-Cup Preview – Ace Austin (w/madman Fulton) vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro

This is going to be a fast paced, hectic, and awesome match.

Auston ducked out of the ring right away and planned with Fulton as Steve stood between Christian and Navarro and chatted.

Austin pulled Steve to the floor and started beating on him while Christion and Navarra displayed their speed in the ring as Navarro took down Christian before Austin pulled him to the floor and beat him down.

In the ring, Austin hit a couple of kicks on Christian while he was distracted and they exchanged kicking attempts before Christian hit a leg scissors.

Austin threw Christina into a corner where Steve flipped him out of the ring and locked in an upside down on Austin before Steve threw him into a shoulder by Navarro.

Navarro sent Steve to the floor with a head scissors and took Austin down and headed to the top rope.

Christian shoved Navarro off the top rope to the floor and Austin kipped up and met Christion on the top rope.

After surviving an assault by Steve, Austin tried a super reverse suplex but Christian slipped free and hit Navarro with a suicide dive over the ropes.

Navarro returned the favor when Austin took out Steve, and Austin then hit his own flip on Navarro and Christian on the floor.

Back in the ring, Steve nailed Austin with a series of strikes before jumping into a kick and a slam for a near pinfall.

Austin missed Navarro with a couple of punched and Navarro hit a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Navarro dodged a charge by Christian, but Christian knocked him off the apron, and they he hit Austin with a standing Spanish fly and a splash off the top rope for a pin attempt Steve broke up.

Steve then his Christina with a hip attack in a corner and Austin with another in an opposite corner.

After a flurry, Steve hung Christian in a Tree of Woe over Austin, then hit a Death Valley Driver on Navarra into the other two and then hit a DDT off the second rope for the pin and win.

This was so fast paced we could barely keep up, but we’re happy for Steve winning and getting some momentum for the Super X-Cup at Genesis.  

We switched to Sami Callihan in his hacker’s chair as he said everything in this worked has a purpose, and that Eddie Edwards wants to show the world that working hard and playing by the rules will make you the winner.

He said he’s there to provide the reality check we need since we don’t live in a fairy tale.

He suggested that Edwards makes sure Alisha is nowhere near ringside as anything is possible.

Thumbs up, thumbs down.

Tony Kahn is feisty

Tony Kahn and Tony Schiavone appeared in a new commercial to wish us a happy New Year and also “help the less fortunate, like Impact Wrestling” with these paid adds to promote Week 1 of New Year’s Smash on AEW Dynamite tomorrow.

Kahn also called out Don Callis for his comments about creating AEW.

These are awesome and hilarious as Kahn does a great job channeling his inner Vince McMahon.

Bullet Club meeting

The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega were in Omega’s bus as Omega said he was embarrassed because they wanted to touch his belt.

Callis asked if he’s the only one without a belt, and then pulled one out before he got to talking about their main event against the Motor City Machine Guns and Rich Swann at Hard To Kill.

He said they have to win it, and Omega said it’s a foregone conclusion as they’ve fought together all over the world and with Callis managing them no one can stop them.

Omega pointed out there’s no chemistry or anything special about their opponents and they’re only fueled by hate.

He concluded by saying they are Bullet Club 4 Life in classic NWO Style that brought back fond memories for Impact Wrestling Results.

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