Is AEW’s Second Show Going To Be Impact Wrestling?

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There has been talks about AEW having a second show for a while now. Although we don’t have much information on what this is. What if it’s staring us in the face. This ending with Tony Khan actually buying Impact Wrestling.

It was recently said by Tony Schiavone that Tony Khan wasn’t buying Impact Wrestling but we can’t really believe it. As he definitely wouldn’t outright say yes. This could mean that a deal maybe in the works somewhere and this could be the reason why Impact and AEW are crossing over massively in recent months. 

Tony Khan appearing on Impact

Tony Khan has also appeared on Impact recently when Private Party wrestled. The first time that he appeared as a character after saying he doesn’t want to do that. The owner of a company doesn’t usually appear on other companies programs.

This then adds more fire to the rumour that he is in the works of buying the company in the near future. Making the second show of AEW actually Impact Wrestling. It may be the reason why the WWE wrestlers all ended up on Impact rather than AEW but that is huge speculation. 

This could work greatly for both companies? 

If he did buy Impact, it seems like it could be one of the first big wrestling company purchases done right. As in the past, we have only seen WWE do it. With them then burying a lot of the wrestlers at the end of it. AEW most likely wouldn’t do this as they are already happy with promoting non-AEW talent on Dark and also having the Good Brothers appear on AEW.

It seems like if all the talent were put into one company, they would be booked right and not buried. This is all speculation and fantasy booking to an extent but what do you think of Tony Khan buying Impact Wrestling?

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