Mark Haskins & Bandido Re-Sign With Ring Of Honor

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Ring Of Honor are in another period of rebuilding their image after coming back from a COVID-19 enforced pandemic with a blank slate. They’ve put a focus on Pure Wrestling, building up The Foundation as a top faction. Now, they’re working on locking down some of their potential top names, with Mark Haskins & Bandido being signed to new deals.

Mark Haskins Was Set To Face RUSH For The ROH Championship In March

While we haven’t seen Mark Haskins since February due to him being stuck in the UK following the pandemic hitting, ROH knew they couldn’t let him go. He’s one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today, while also being able to brawl with the best of them. At the 18th anniversary show scheduled for March, he would have shown that to ROH World Champion RUSH in a big way.

With a focus on Pure Wrestling going forward, Haskins is going to get many chances to show just how well rounded of a wrestler he is. Don’t be shocked to see him holding up that Pure Rules Championship before the end of 2021 if he is able to re-enter the mix.

Bandido Was Going To Return In Time For Final Battle

Much like Haskins, Bandito was a name that ROH knew they couldn’t lose. One of the hottest free agents in the world when ROH signed him in 2018, Bandido is currently one third of the ROH World Six-Man Champions, alongside Flamita & Rey Horus. He was actually set to return to ROH at Final Battle to defend those titles against Shane Taylor promotions, but he and Flamita failed pre-flight COVID tests and had to stay put.

Being an active champion for the promotion, while also being one of the best wrestlers they have on their roster made locking Flamita down again a priority. We can hopefully expect Bandido back sooner than Haskins, given that he was already planned to be back in ROH by now.

ROH did a lot to rebuild their reputation in the last few months, and are set for a big 2021. Who else should ROH ensure sticks around going forward? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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