Match Set For WWE Royal Rumble! The Fiend Isn’t Done With Randy Orton?

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WWE ended their last PPV of 2020 with a bang to say the least. The Firefly Funhouse Inferno match was better than fans ever expected, with it finally paying off the storyline set up by WWE between Randy Orton & Wyatt back in 2017. They had perhaps the best Inferno Match ever, with Orton winning out after shoving The Fiend into a column of flame at ringside.

However, Orton didn’t stop there. He doused The Fiend in gasoline, and left a charred corpse in the ring. The Fiend hasn’t been seen since, nor has Bray Wyatt. Instead, Alexa Bliss has taken his place in the feud. However, Royal Rumble spoilers indicate that The Fiend is back, and will be ready to take Orton on a trip at Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton Is Scheduled To Meet The Fiend In A Cinematic Match

First reported by Ringside News, and then backed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, we should be seeing Randy Orton meet The Fiend once again at Royal Rumble. This makes sense, as reception for their match at TLC was hugely positive, and these are two men who are finally finding their chemistry. The plan is to have a fully cinematic match, but don’t worry, it’s not another House Of Horrors match.

Instead, the current idea for this match is reportedly to take Randy Orton into a Firefly Funhouse Match. Fans will recall this as being the stipulation that we saw John Cena face The Fiend in, and was more a destruction of the character of John Cena than a proper match. There are many skeletons in the closet of Randy Orton with all his suspensions and attitude issues, and if WWE is ready to pull them out, this could be something special.

This also means that we can’t expect either Orton or The Fiend in the men’s Royal Rumble match, taking out two potential favorites. As of writing, only Daniel Bryan & Bobby Lashley are confirmed for the match this year, but we are still 30 days out.

Are you excited to see more of The Fiend & Randy Orton? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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