Minoru Suzuki Takes Aim At Jon Moxley

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It’s a good thing that Jon Moxley isn’t someone known to crack under pressure, as he’s always got a line of men ready to fight him. Even without the AEW World Championship, Moxley is still the IWGP United States Champion. This has KENTA ready for a match, but he’s not the only NJPW roster member who wants a pound of Moxley’s flesh. Minoru Suzuki wants a rematch with Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley Learned From Their Last Clash

One of two defenses that Moxley managed with the IWGP United States Championship in 2020 was against Minoru Suzuki. This happened on the New Beginning Tour, and was a brutal brawl with some excellent technical wrestling. Moxley was able to survive the MMA legend’s assault, and come out with a win in the end. After the match, Moxley was attacked by Zack Sabre Jr, setting up a match that wasn’t fated to come.

Since that match, we’ve seen a change in style from Moxley. He’s adopted both the Bulldog Choke & Gotch Style Piledriver, two moves that Suzuki is very familiar with. These moves proved essential to beating men like Lance Archer, Brian Cage & Mr. Brodie Lee when Moxley was AEW World Champion. However, Suzuki has more he can teach Moxley during a rematch.

Minoru Suzuki Has Unfinished Business

During his post match comments during the latest NJPW event, Suzuki was addressing the press like usual. He was speaking about KENTA, and reminded him that “It’s not only you that has business with Jon Moxley.” This could be Suzuki’s way of challenging KENTA for the Right to Challenge contract, or Suzuki is simply going to show up behind Moxley at some point and strangle him like he’s a Young Lion.

One important aspect to remember about Suzuki is that he can show up anywhere. While he mainly works New Japan Pro Wrestling, he does not have an exclusive contract there. Suzuki is by all accounts a free agent, which means that if the stars align properly, this match could even happen in AEW at an event such as Revolution, if Suzuki was willing to travel to the United States for it.

Do you want to see Suzuki vs. Moxley II in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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