More Details On WWE India Superstar Spectacle Event

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Later this month, on January 26th we will see a huge event from WWE. When we last reported on Superstar Spectacle, it was looking like the start of NXT India, but the latest news shows something different. It’s now looking like a WWE Supershow, similar to what Saudi Arabia & Australia have gotten.

In different times, we would likely have this supershow taking place in India, but Superstar Spectacle is happening from the WWE Performance Center. It is shaping up to be big all the same.

Superstar Spectacle Will Be Taped Ahead Of Smackdown Live

Ahead of the January 22nd episode of Smackdown Live, this show will be taped. While at first we figured it would mainly focus on Indian born talent, the latest commercial promises “top WWE stars teaming with stars from the future”, and advertised Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, The New Day, Ricochet, Charlotte Flair & Bayley among others.

We also have a better idea on the Indian talent who will be showcased at the event. Jinder Mahal & The Bollywood Boyz are fairly well known, and will be there. Indus Sher made their return to WWE programming at the event after Saurav spoiled Adam Cole vs. Keith lee on Instagram, getting their second chance.

NXT superstar Jeet Rama will be there, alongside other prospective talents such as Kavita Devi, two Great Khali trainees Giant Kanjeer & Dilsher Shanky, and Guru Raaj, who is billed as ‘the first Indian-born high flyer in WWE’. The students of Great Khali are both over 7ft tall, really living up the sheer size of their trainer.

Finally Getting Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre?

We have no announced matches at this time, but this is enough talent to make an excellent show. Two names that stand out are WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal. When Mahal returned last year before getting injured again, he was set to challenge his old 3MB partner for the championship. Obviously those plans were scrapped, but the plans for the match might be revived on this event.

It’s unlikely we see a Mahal victory, but it’s very likely that if this match happens, they could put on a classic heavyweight championship match. One detail that is still missing is if we can watch this event on WWE Network, as it’s only been confirmed for Indian TV through their connection with Sony.

Are you excited for Superstar Spectacle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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