Mustafa Ali Never Forgot What Kofi Kingston Took Away From Him

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Back in 2019, things were looking bright for Mustafa Ali. He’d just moved from 205 Live to Smackdown Live, and in one of his first matches on the brand would see him pin the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Ali would even get a shot to become champion at Fastlane 2019 in an underrated triple threat match alongside Kevin Owens. During that match, Ali had to overcome a crowd who wanted Kofi Kingston instead.

That would be one of the first times Ali was slighted by Kingston and his fans. In another world, Ali had a huge performance in the Elimination Chamber and made his way to Wrestlemania to become WWE Champion, but injury and Kofi Kingston took that away from him. Now in 2021, Ali has not forgotten this.

Mustafa Ali Takes Aim At Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods In Twitter Promo

In 2020, Ali assumed control of Retribution as their leader, and has been doing some of his best work yet, just lacking that one signature feud. We could be seeing that feud start right now, as Ali reminds everyone what brought him to where he is today. After T-Bar beat with Woods on Monday Night RAW, Ali has informed fans this was not a random attack.

“Is Retribution going after Xavier Woods? Yes. And the reason we’re going after Xavier Woods is because the timing is perfect. The minute I found out Kofi Kingston was sitting at home with a broken jaw, I knew my time for retribution arrived. Kofi you sitting at home with a broken jaw isn’t enough.

I want to break your heart, I want to break your spirit, and I’m going to do that by breaking one of the people you love the most in the ring over and over again. And I pray to god almighty that your broken jaw prevents you from competing in the Royal Rumble.

I hope you broke your jaw so bad that you won’t even make it to the Elimination Chamber, and I hope that you miss Wrestlemania. Because then you get to feel exactly what I felt. Sitting at home, watching someone take what’s yours. Kofi your broken jaw is not enough. I want to break you, the way you broke me. So get well, but not too soon.”

Kingston vs. Ali For Wrestlemania 37?

This promo seems to be the start of something big for Ali, and potentially the angle that finally gets him to Wrestlemania. Using Finn Balor’s recent broken jaw as judge, we should see Kingston back around mid March or early April, just in time for Wrestlemania. This would be just enough time to throw the finishing touches on this angle, and set up Ali getting his singles match debut on the main card of Wrestlemania.

Previously he battled Cedric Alexander on the preshow for the Cruiserweight Champion, and then competed in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. The history is there, and there is little doubt these two could absolutely deliver a classic worth of Wrestlemania. Will we see this match there, or perhaps sooner? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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