Ring Of Honor Results: Flip Gordon vs. Rhett Titus [Pure Rules Match]

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At Final Battle 2020, Flip Gordon & Jonathan Gresham stole the show with their fantastic Pure Rules showcase. After 20+ minutes, Gresham would finally defeat Gordon to retain the Pure Championship, but after the bell, Gordon refused to shake his hand, refusing the Code of Honor. Gordon is the only man to do this following a Pure Rules match.

This was a slap to the face of what The Foundation stands for, and Rhett Titus is ready to show Gordon the mistake he made, in another Pure Rules match. He’s going to beat a sense of honor into Gordon. Titus is current the #4 ranked performer in the Pure Title hunt, while Gordon remains #2 despite his loss due to an incredible performance at Final Battle. Every time these two have met before, Gordon has won, but can he manage this in a Pure Rules match?

Rhett Titus Has An Answer For Everything

A handshake wouldn’t start the match, Gordon refusing once again. Titus got an early hammerlock before being taken down to the mat. Gordon would find himself out wrestled and stuck in a headscissors but could pop out with ease. A greco roman knuckle lock led to a test of strength, with Titus getting the upper hand and getting some near falls.

Gordon got back to his feet, and would be put into the Cobra Twist, but broke out with a hip toss before getting the single leg trap. Titus once again had an answer and got another hold on the mat, forcing Gordon to use his first rope break of the match. Gordon slipped outside to catch his breath, but Titus took pursuit, and the pace picked up before back in the ring, Gordon was caught in a bear hug. He broke free, only to take a back elbow and jumping knee drop.

In the middle of the ring, Titus tied Gordon up and stretched him out, before looking for a single leg crab. Gordon used his second rope break to get free, having just one left before bringing some open hand strikes to Titus and being beaten down. Titus would stomp him in the corner, before being guillotined over the top rope.

Flip Gordon Pushes The Rules

Gordon finally had an opening after this,and needed to keep the pressure on Titus, doing so with clubbing blows and a superkick. He’d attack the leg of Titus before moving into the Figure Four Leg Lock, forcing Titus to use his first rope break of the match as we moved into a brief commercial break.

Coming back, Titus had regained control after a dropkick that sent Gordon back to the outside. A Helluva Kick from Titis was followed by a big knee breaker and a single leg boston crab. Gordon crawled to the ropes but was able to break the hold, only to take a German Suplex. Titus kept attacking the leg, before being kicked off with the good leg. He went to the top rope, before Gordon used everything he had to hit a springboard kick.

Titus rolled to the outside, where he took a snap suplex and another superkick. Back in the ring, Gordon would mouth off to a fallen Titus and get snatched into a single leg boston crab, and was forced to use his final rope break to survive. Titus wanted to go right back to that hold, but went for a German Suplex and Flip landed on his feet. Two quick superkicks and a springboard slingblade got a two count, as time was running out.

Gordon wanted the Flip-5, but his knees couldn’t handle it. Titus got a backslide for a two count, and they’d grapple on the mat for a near fall. Gordon used his one allowed closed fist, hit a curb stomp and nailed Flip-5 to win the match with just 15 seconds left on the clock. If this went to the judges, Titus would have won.

There has yet to be a bad match with Pure Rules since they returned, with this being another fun time. The drama near the end was incredible, and Pure Rules is the perfect world for Rhett Titus. Gordon snatched the win at the end out of desperation, a perfect fit for his character. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** ¾)

Following the match, due to his lack of respect for the rules and failing to adhere to the Code of Honor, Gordon was suspended from the Pure Rules division. Will he weasel his way back in? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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