Ring Of Honor Results: Grizzly Redwood, Delirious, Cheeseburger, Eli Esom vs. Joe Hendry, Session Moth Martina, Rhett Titus & Beer City Bruiser

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Before Ring of Honor shut down around March 2020 due to COVID-19, they managed to record a few matches that are finally getting released. This one aired as part of ROH Week by Week, their weekly news show which is starting to host matches more and more often. It’s an 8 person tag team match with one of the weirdest lineups you’ll see outside of their annual christmas match. We have Grizzly Redwood, Delirious, Cheeseburger and Eli Esom vs. Joe Hendry, Session Moth Martina, Rhett Titus, and Beer City Bruiser!

This was actually the return of Redwood, a cult favorite of ROH fans. He was meant to be involved with 18th anniversary events such as Past vs. Future, before such events were shut down. These matches were recorded on a voluntary basis as they worked to figure out what to do as international and domestic travel started to shut down.

Now, thanks to Ian Riccaboni recording commentary and fans wanting to see it, this match is here! It’s just a fun time ahead, and there was a lot of dancing during the entrances of Martina & Hendry!

Rhett Titus Loses Track Of His Partners

After Martina flirted with her entire team and referee Todd Sinclair and called for a party, Code of Honor would be adhered too, with Martina grinding on Cheeseburger in place of a handshake. She got everyone but Delirious, who started with Joe Hendry but needed to do a lap of the ring first, posed, and tagged in Cheeseburger. Hendry easily took him down with a double leg takedown, and maintained some control as Beer City Bruiser who was drinking in the crowd started a this is awesome chant with Martina.

Cheeseburger finally got some control using his speed, but would be easily outwrestled by Hendry. He’d tag in Esom as Titus came in, and they took a second to see who was better at flexing their pecs. Hendry became a guest commentator, so Titus was officially alone with two team mates drinking in the crowd and Hendry on commentary. In the ring, Titus would be showing why he would be recruited into the Foundation by the end of 2020, as he hit a big right hand to Esoms face, before being caught with a big armdrag and exploder suplex for a near fall.

After getting control with a back elbow, Titus wanted a tag but found all his partners in other roles and took a springboard hurricanrana. Delirious tagged in and dropped the elbow on his old rival, before grabbing the arm and forcing Titus to tap out. Not like… actually tap out, he physically took his hand and did the tapping motion. It didn’t count. Titus took control after blocking a suplex and getting a jawbreaker, then Grizzly Redwood tagged in, but he wanted the biggest man in the match, Beer City Bruiser.

Grizzly Redwood Shows His Heart, Session Moth Martina Gets Her Booze Power

The biggest man in the match met the smallest man in the match, and Redwood would be dropped and no one yelled Timber. More shoulder tackles came and the straps came up, and he wanted to scoop slam Bruiser, but got dropped. Titus came back in and slammed him as well, then Hendry, and Martina even tagged in but couldn’t get the strength until Bruiser got her a beer. Redwood kicked out at one but was isolated.

He’d finally nail some forearms to Titus, and Hendry was back on commentary as Martina missed a big wind up lariat. Delirious was in, but so was Hendry who took a big discuss elbow, a throat thrust and the criss cross into the leaping lariat! The Big Dawg dropkick made Delirious crumble, but Esom hit a facebuster and threw Titus into a side suplex. Martina hit a big DDT and Redwood nailed her with a dropkick. Hendry grabbed both Redwood & Cheeseburger, a combined 200lbs on a soaking wet day and threw them over his head with ease!

Esom hit the Air Raid Crash over for Bruiser to come in and take some heavy chops before nailing the spinebuster. Cheeseburger in the mask of Delirious was in, and he’d slam Bruiser as the real Delirious came in and they bonded and worked to take Bruiser out with scratches. Martina tripped up Cheeseburger and Bruiser got the real Delirious with the DDT for the win.

This is a glimpse into how ROH handled the news of their biggest shows of 2020 being cancelled. They just had fun while everything got figured out! Can’t be too mad at that, this match was hilarious. Are you excited for names like Hendry to return to ROH properly? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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