Should Big E Be The Person To Beat Roman Reigns?

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The New Day has been one of the best and most popular factions over the past years. Know that Big E went his separate way from the group due to the draft. Big E has gone to success with winning the Intercontinental Championship championship.

Back in the day, the Intercontinental championship which you would win before winning the Universal Championship. This doesn’t happen anymore as the championship has just been made into a B card championship.

Sami Zayn did give some prestige to the championship. It doesn’t feel likely that he will be going after Roman Reigns anytime soon. Big E looks like he is now being pushed as the next big star. Although WWE changed their mind a lot, it looks like currently on that road.  

How will Big E win the belt? 

It does seem like the next PPV could be the time for Big E to get into that main event picture. The easiest way to get Big E in the main event picture is for him to win the Royal Rumble. Although he lost to Apollo Crews due to Roman Reigns interfering.

This could give Big E a reason to go after Roman Reigns after him interfering. There are a lot of different ways this could happen. Kevin Owens may even win the championship at the Royal Rumble.

Then could have a future match with Big E. As with the Kevin Owens Vs. Roman Reigns match could get old if it keeps on happening every PPV meaning that change needs to happen soon. That being said, Smackdown is currently doing great. Let’s hope that continues.   

When is it going to be Xavier Woods time? 

If this does come true, there is only one member of the New Day who hasn’t had the big push. This could be the best time to push Xavier Woods in Raw. As Kofi Kingston is currently out injured. WWE seem to bench there other side of tag team.

With every other member of the New Day having their time in the spotlight, it could be a great time for Xavier Woods to have the push he deserves. He could be the person to defeat Bobby Lashley as the underdog for the United States Championship. This could then bring all of the New Day to the main event. 

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