Should The Ascension Debut In Impact Wrestling As Part Of Decay?

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At the latest Impact Wrestling PPV, Hard To Kill, Decay made their presence known once again. Rosemary & Crazy Steve were able to beat Kaleb With A K and Tenille Dashwood in the opening match. This was Decay’s first match since 2018, with the faction having all but died when Abyss left the company in 2017.

Abyss is unlikely to return to Impact Wrestling, having gained a solid backstage job there as part of NXT. However, Decay could easily recruit a tag team of powerhouses who left WWE over a year ago. The Ascension remain free agents, and have continued to work as a tag team on the indies. Is it time for them resurface in Impact Wrestling?

Rosemary Could Be Just What The Ascension Needed

While Ascension have always had the in-ring ability and presence of a potential top tag team, there has always been a missing ingredient. They never had the promo skills to handle the talking part of wrestling, and while they showed character work alongside Breezango, it was more comedic than serious. If anyone can help them feel like a serious threat, it’s Rosemary.

She’s always been the mastermind behind Decay, and has some of the best character work in the industry today. If she’s able to help someone like Crazy Steve be a threatening figure, lord knows what she could do with a team like The Ascension. If Decay is going to become a solid faction again, she needs bodies to wage war, and that could be a perfect role for The Ascension.

Many WWE Stars Found Second Life In Impact Wrestling Recently

Ever since WWE decided to purge their roster in 2020, Impact Wrestling has been picking up names left and right to build up their roster. Heath Miller, Brian Meyers and now Matt Cardona have all signed with Impact Wrestling, and Eric Young returned to become Impact Heavyweight Champion. Impact Wrestling is well known for rehabbing careers, as they focus on the strengths of their talents, and are great at hiding their flaws.

The Ascension are by no means the hottest free agents on the market, but as the Impact Wrestling tag team division gets slimmer, and with Decay back? They just would be an easy fit into the company. Would you want to see Konnor and Viktor join Rosemary & Crazy Steve? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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