UFC News: Khabib Nurmagomedov Offered Eye-Watering Amount To Fight Floyd Mayweather

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Khabib Nurmagomedov may have only been retired for a couple of months, but already there are a massive number of offers rolling in to get the Russian out of retirement. It was revealed this week that Khabib was offered $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring.

The stunning announcement was revealed by the Russian’s manager, but he didn’t divulge whether Khabib had accepted the offer. It is also believed that Dana White hasn’t yet given up hope of tempting Khabib out of returning to the octagon and a possible showdown with Conor McGregor.

UFC News: Could Boxing Match Happen?

Many UFC fans would be disheartened to see that Khabib could be tempted out of retirement to face Mayweather, as they would have been hoping that he would return to the octagon. There isn’t a bigger match-up in UFC history than Khabib and McGregor, and a re-match between the pair would instantly become one of the biggest events that has ever been seen in the company.

A re-match between the fighters has been muted for a few years now since the Russian made the Irishman submit in their Las Vegas fight. However, any chance of Khabib returning to the octagon will likely hinge on a showdown with Dana White. The Russian revealed after his win against Justin Gaethje at the end of last year that he would be retiring from the sport as part of a promise that he made to his late father and coach, who passed away earlier in the year.

UFC News: Mayweather/Khabib Fight Could Be Huge

It will likely all come down to whether Khabib sticks to his guns and stays retired, but there is no denying that Khabib vs Mayweather could be a massive draw in the box office. It would pit together arguably the most gifted boxer of all-time and the best pound-for-pound fighter that has ever stepped foot in the octagon. Khabib’s manager did throw water on the fire however by admitting that the Russian had no interest in taking the fight as he has no previous experience in the boxing ring.

He did issue a challenge to Mayweather though by claiming that there could have been a different answer should the former boxing champion have issued a fight in the octagon against Khabib. However, it is massively unlikely that McGregor will be willing to step outside of his comfort zone and enter the world of MMA.

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