Will Brock Lesnar Return To WWE In 2021?

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This time last year, things made sense in WWE. Fans were packing arenas and buzzing about the Royal Rumble, and Brock Lesnar was the reigning and defending WWE Championship. He was ready to prove that he was unstoppable, and entered the Rumble at #1, before going on to tie the record for eliminations, clearing half the field himself.

He was finally eliminated by Drew McIntyre, signalling McIntyre’s coming push to the top of the company, one that would have seen him slay the beast at Wrestlemania in front of a packed arena of excited fans. Things didn’t go this way. As of right now, the final match of Brock Lesnar saw him lose in just four minutes in an empty WWE Performance Center.

Far From A Fitting End For Brock Lesnar

Like him or hate him, it’s hard to deny how impactful Lesnar has been in WWE over his career. He deserves better than having his final match being in an empty arena, and will almost certainly be back when the time is right. Lesnar is currently a “free agent”, but no one will take his price but WWE once he can draw in fans once again.

Having Lesnar show up is not cheap, and with him enjoying a quiet life up in Canada? His price might be rising. WWE might not be able to pay him enough to get him to travel down to Florida to perform in the WWE Thunderdome, with that just not being a smart business move. Anything is possible, he could show up at Royal Rumble and walk away with a chance at revenge for his loss a year ago, but it’s unlikely.

Two Pre-Built Feuds For Once Crowds Return

Once the world hits a state of normal again, Lesnar won’t be far behind the booming crowds. He’s obviously going to want to redeem that loss to Drew McIntyre, and with McIntyre having been raised to a whole new level since beating Lesnar? It’d be an absolute war that could be among the hardest hitting matches in WWE history.

However, there’s a more personal feud waiting. Since the start, Lesnar has almost always been linked to Paul Heyman… who is now with Roman Reigns. Reigns and Lesnar were rivals throughout the 2010’s, and that will likely pick back up whenever Lesnar comes back. This could even have us see a rare babyface Lesnar, which would give him a breath of fresh air!

If crowds come back in 2021, expect to see Lesnar back at the next supershow. Will you be happy to see him once again? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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