Will Cody Rhodes Be Involved With The Bullet Club Reunion?

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If we haven’t watched the latest episode we saw what was meant to happen on the AEW episode one. The reunion of the Bullet Club. Although it was meant to be AJ Styles and the Good Brother. It was Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. This made episode one, the best in the lifespan of AEW. With the New Year’s Smash episode night one with night two still to come.

There is one member of the Bullet Club and The Elite that we haven’t really seen together. This being Cody Rhodes. We have seen him with them early on in the lifespan of AEW but after this, he disappeared from any storyline involving them. The reunion could be the time they bring Cody Rhodes back into the story. 

Will Cody Rhodes join the Reunion? 

It does seem like the Reunion won’t get any bigger. With this being probably a 5 man faction for a while. There is also the fact that when Cody Rhodes was in the Bullet Club, it was different with Good Brother in WWE.

Kenny Omega and Young Bucks were there but Cody Rhodes wasn’t just yet. Meaning that if Cody did join them, it wouldn’t make much sense. It would make more sense if Cody Rhodes went up against the Bullet Club reunion and maybe even joined Jon Moxley in taking them on. 

Or will he go up against them? 

It does look likely that Cody will join a faction at some point in the future. This being a horsemen faction that was teased a while back. Although we do need a good faction to go against a heel faction. With Cody Rhodes and Jon Moxley being the biggest faces in the company, the two joined up and went up against Bullet Club Reunion.

This could lead up to the big Blood and Guts with a kind of weird group going up against the reunion. It does look likely it could be the Dark Order but Cody Rhodes and Jon Moxley teaming up does seem like a dream faction. 

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