Will The Rascalz Debut In WWE NXT As Part Of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic?

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It’s that beautiful time of year again, when NXT shows that they lowkey have one of the best tag team scenes in the world. The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is back for another round, and while NXT has plenty of teams, not being able to pull from NXT UK means they need to think on their feet. Teams like Undisputed Era’s Adam Cole & Roderick Strong and Grizzled Young Veterans are confirmed. Meanwhile, we can expect Breezango, Killian Dain & Drake Maverick, Ever-Rise, and Imperium to be in the ranks. This leaves open slots even in a field of eight, so why not debut The Rascalz?

Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz Were Signed To WWE In December 2020

As it’s WWE’s goal to eventually have every wrestler on the planet under contract, another batch was signed around the start of December. We’ve already seen one member of this group, Tyler Rust, make his debut. However, there’s a tag team in there too.

Two thirds of the group known as The Rascalz would sign with WWE, those being Desmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz. The third member, Trey Miguel didn’t come along, due to taking a hiatus from wrestling due to personal reasons. So while they don’t have The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air, it’s not like Wentz & Xavier aren’t one of the best tag teams in the world.

Since 2016, they’ve been teaming under names such as Scarlet & Graves, The Rascalz, or even just Dez & Wentz. They’re still the Pro Wrestling Guerilla Tag Team Champions, and won gold in CZW & AAW as well. During their PWG reign, they’ve beaten teams like Santana & Ortiz, Best Friends, The Young Bucks, Lucha Bros and Best Friends, showing how legit they are. That’s most of the AEW Tag Team divisions top names!

The Rascalz Would Inject New Life Into The NXT Tag Team Division

Having laid dormant for months before Grizzled Young Veterans really spruced things up by returning, the NXT Tag Team division isn’t doing too hot. We’ve seen just about every match on offer, and the remaining exceptions really aren’t too compelling.

However, putting a fast paced and exciting team like The Rascalz into the mix? That would do wonders to liven up the place even more. They have a proven track record, Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic would be a perfect entry point, and it gets new names on NXT. WWE has nothing to lose here, and fans have everything to gain.

Will The Rascalz make their NXT debut in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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