Will WWE Want To Go Back To Live Fans For All Shows Going Forward?

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In 2020, fans were no longer part of the energy of professional energy. A global pandemic will do that, and while things are improving, we are still a while off from what used to be considered normal. It might be a long time before we have packed stadiums of fans booing Roman Reigns again in WWE, but they’re still running shows.

From the safety of the WWE Thunderdome with shows like Monday Night RAW, Main Event, and Smackdown Live, and the Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT & NXT UK, WWE have brought virtual fans in for their shows. This idea was reached after months of purely empty arena shows, and has raised the energy of shows.With this as the new normal, we could be seeing the future of WWE?

WWE Has Complete Control Over On-Screen Reactions

Over the past few months, it has been easy to forget that fans used to hi-jack shows quite often. If they didn’t like what was happening in the ring, we’d get them playing with beach balls or doing anything but pay attention. This would frustrate viewers at home, the talent in the ring, and those back stage to no end.

A perfect example was the debut of the Universal Championship in 2016, when Seth Rollins & Finn Balor put on a great match, only to be ignored as fans chanted about the belt being ugly. That wouldn’t have happened in 2020, it wouldn’t have had the chance to happen.

Will They Want To Go Back To Not Having That Much Control?

Fans coming back is going to happen, and WWE might have a hard time readjusting to that. They’ve been able to simply pipe in whatever reaction a situation needs, and are able to influence fans with that. If someone is getting good reactions on TV, more people enjoy them and are interested. It’s a powerful tool and one WWE has used well over this past year, but one they will lose.

Crowds coming back will be the best thing for business, but this era is one where ideas had a bit more of a chance to play out on screen. Do you think WWE will try to find new ways to ensure they get the reactions they want going forward? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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