Will Xavier Woods Finally Win Singles Gold In WWE?

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The New Day are well on their way to being the most decorated trio in WWE history. Since 2014, they’ve held tag team gold 10 times, the WWE Championship once, and currently have the Intercontinental Championship. Kofi Kingston was of course WWE Champion, and Big E is the current Intercontinental Champion. They’re decorated singles champions in general, something only Xavier Woods is unable to say.

Woods is almost the sleeper agent of The New Day, with most often forgetting just how good he is in the ring. Despite this, he’s rarely even gotten chances to shine in singles action. That might change, as Big E is on a separate brand and Kofi Kingston just suffered a jaw injury.

It Could Be Now Or Never For Xavier Woods

While seeing him chase the WWE Championship would be fun, we’d be more likely to see Woods enter the hunt for the United States Championship while Kofi Kingston is out. That belt is currently held by Bobby Lashley of Hurt Business, and business has been booming. Lashley is doing the best work of his WWE career, and is at 135 days as champion. These defenses are generally pretty short, as The Hurt Lock is a deadly submission.

He’s not the only man who holds gold in this faction, as Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander recently took the RAW Tag Team Championships from Kofi & Xavier. Without a partner to take the tag team championships back, having Woods square up and use his agility to try and topple Lashley could make for an excellent David vs. Giolath match on the road to Royal Rumble. The skill is there on both sides to make this an excellent match.

We don’t currently know how long to expect Kofi Kingston to be out for, but this might be the only chance Woods could have to gain a singles accolade within WWE. Few would argue he doesn’t deserve it, and it would keep New Day vs. Hurt Business going as a feud for a touch longer.

Would you want to see Xavier Woods beat Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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