WWE 205 Live Results: Ariya Daivari vs. Ashante Adonis

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In 2020, Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis proved himself as a future star in WWE. Meanwhile, Ariya Daivari proved himself as the most stubborn man on 205 Live. Alongside Tony Nese, he refuses to accept new faces to the brand he’s called home for years, including talented men like Adonis. Tonight, both men look to start 2021 with a big win, and start a climb to a shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Daivari Attacks The Leg

Daivari & Nese locked up, with Adonis getting the headlock before being sent off the ropes and hit with a knee strike. A quick kick to the gut would be followed by a dropkick to the head of Adonis. Daivari threw strikes in the corner, before being chopped by Adonis. He was hit with shoulder tackles in the corner before Adonis hit the big spinebuster. Daivari fled to the apron and took that AirDrop dropkick, sending Daivari to the outside.

Trying to keep the pressure on as Daivari got back in the ring, Adonis rushed to the corner but just met the turnbuckle. Daivari smashed the leg of Adonis off the steel post, potentially taking the Long Kiss Goodnight superkick away from Adonis. That leg became the target, and Daivari showed how cerebral he can be with elbows to the knee before looking for the Figure Four Leg Lock. He was shoved off, but came back with a superkick.

Ashante Adonis Learned A Lot In 2021

Another attempt at the hold saw Adonis get a rollup, but Daivari kicked out and hit a low dropkick to that hurt knee. Daivari once again went for the hold, but was kicked far outside the ring to the ramp. Adonis had a chance to catch his breath, and came back with some punches, before building some steam with lariats and a DDT. A high crossbody off the top rope got Daivari, and Adonis kipped up for a flapjack, before laying a hammer blow down across the throat of Daivari.

The Long Kiss Goodnight failed due to the hurt knee, and Daivari finally locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock in the middle of the ring. Adonis was able to get onto his stomach to reverse the pressure, and Daivari almost tapped before releasing the hold. A back elbow into the sunset flip got another two count for Adonis, before he was planted with the uranage. The Hammerlock Lariat missed, but the Long Kiss Goodnight didn’t. Adonis starts 2021 with a big win!

205 Live often has the best wrestling in all of WWE, and this match was a simple yet effective one. Daivari might not be flashy, but he plays a great heel, and Adonis gets better with every single match. Expect big things from him in 2021! Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

Will Ashante Adonis get a title shot in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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