WWE 205 Live Results: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs. August Grey & Curt Stallion [Dusty Classic Match]

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When they named this show 205 Live, they never specified that it had to be pounds. Killian Dain is making his 205 Live debut, alongside former GM Drake Maverick as we get some more Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic action on 205 Live! Their first round opponents are August Grey & Curt Stallion, two relative newcomers to WWE who get better with every match. Who will move forward?

August Grey Wants The Big Man

With new matching gear of jeans and boots, Maverick & Dain are ready to tear through the tournament. Stallion got started with Maverick, and quickly nabbed the headlock. He was shoved off and came back with a shoulder tackle, before reapplying the hold. Rinse and repeat, but Maverick side stepped and dropped down to waste Stallion’s energy while dancing around the ring. A big hip toss, leg lariat and arm drag showed he was serious, but in comes August Grey.

Grey wanted Dain, and got his wish before realizing what he’s in for. He’d lock up with Dain, and be easily shoved away. A headlock was applied, but Dain shoved him off and shook off a shoulder tackle. The follow-up attempt of a crossbody was just as effective. Dain tagged in Maverick and used him as a way to trip Grey for the senton before scoop slamming Maverick onto Grey.

Soon after, Maverick was put on the shoulders of Dain and spun around like Terry Funk used a ladder. Stallion was tagged in, and alongside Grey threw some quick strikes before being double suplexed by Dain. Maverick called for Dain to dive on Grey & Maverick, but instead Maverick was thrown over the top rope. Back in the ring, Maverick got a two count on Stallion, who turned things around quickly with a neckbreaker.

Killian Dain Is Undefeated On 205 Live

Stallion nailed a headbutt and Grey got the backdrop, as they looked to isolate Maverick. Maverick swung for the fences with stomach blows, countered a back suplex and made it to Dain. He would take Grey out, pull Stallion in and take them both out with a lariat and body presses in the corners. Dain dropped Stallion before flipping over the top rope with a senton!

Grey was hit with The Belfast Blade for a near fall, before running into the turnbuckle. Maverick nailed a neckbreaker but was planted with a driver. Stallion wanted to German Suplex Dain, but needed a superkick from Grey to get him up. Maverick fought them off briefly, as Dain recovered, before taking Grey out with a crossbody. Stallion was powerbombed, and Maverick then powerbombed onto Stallion for the win.

Can they defeat MSK in the next round? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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