WWE 205 Live Results: Jake Atlas vs. August Grey vs. Ariya Daivari

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August Grey & Jake Atlas are in a similar boat at the moment. Both had hopes of winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, only to be taken out in the first round. Atlas & Swerve lost to debutting team MSK, while Grey & Stallion lost to Maverick & Dain. Now, Atlas & Grey both look to get their singles careers back on track, as they face each other in a first time match. Or at least that was the originally announced match, but Ariya Daivari could not have two 205 Live newcomers meeting without an OG in the mix, making this a Triple Threat.

Ariya Daivari Wants To Control The Ring

Daivari struck first and took Grey down, before getting Atlas with a knee. Grey was back up but took a mid kick and running dropkick, but he’d recover and send Daivari outside and dive onto him. Atlas and Grey got their intended match briefly, as they traded control of the wrist, with Atlas winning out. Grey broke the hold but was dropped with a shoulder tackle.

Atlas was hit with a running hurricanrana, but rolled through and caused a stalemate. Daivari wanted to take advantage with a crossbody, but missed both men and hit the mat hard. He’d revive himself to hit a superkick on Atlas and fling Grey off the top rope onto Atlas, getting two counts on both men. Daivari had the advantage after hitting a back elbow on Grey, before whipping Atlas into the corner to keep him out of the match.

Grey would be locked in a chin lock in the middle of the ring, Daivari switching it to a headlock before it was broken with a backdrop. Atlas slipped in and got the pinfall, while Grey wasn’t paying attention. Daivari was able to return to control, before taking a dropkick from Atlas. Grey went Atlas through the ropes, and Daivari took him down. In the ring, Grey dropped Daivari with a neckbreaker, before the rope-walk crossbody.

Jake Atlas Gets Robbed

Atlas came back in and took a big release back suplex, and Daivari broke up a pinfall at two. Daivari would throw Grey out of the ring, before throwing clubbing blows with Atlas. Atlas won the exchange with a lariat, before being caught in the corner and having a charging Grey thrown at him. Daivari hit the Persian Splash, but Grey kicked out at two.

Atlast dodged the Hammerlock Lariat, and would kick Daivari off the apron before hitting a brainbuster on Grey. Daivari was hit with a dive, but Atlas ran into a right hand and superkick from Grey. Grey kicked Daivari off the apron, and hit a crossbody to the outside. Atlas went for another brainbuster but Grey got a small package for a two count. The stunner to Grey and the Rainbow DDT would have won it, but Daivari pulled Atlas out, hit him with a chain wrapped punch, and took Grey out in the ring for the win.

Should Ariya Daivari be in the Royal Rumble after this win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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