WWE India Superstar Spectacle Results: Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dilsher Shanky, Giant Zanjeer, Rey Mysterio & Ricochet

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WWE is not capable of running a card like Superstar Spectacle without an 8 man tag team match. One side has a motley crue of heels and budding babyfaces from Smackdown Live, with Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro starting face turns recently. The other side has Dilsher Shanky & Giant Zanjeer, two students of The Great Khali teaming with the legendary Rey Mysterio and Ricochet! Will the students of Khali prove themselves?

Dilsher Shanky & Giant Zanjeer Throw Their Weight Around

Shanky started with Dolph Ziggler, and Ziggler couldn’t find a way to take Shanky down. He’d be launched into the corner, and Shanky hit some Kevin Nash like back elbows. Nakamura rushed him from behind, only to join Ziggler, before both were squished with a body press. Giant Zanjeer was even bigger than Shanky, and tagged in to hit a big overhand chop.

Corbin rushed in, joined the pile up and Zanjeer hit another running splash. Cesaro came in, the only man who could match these two giants in power, but was outnumbered and backed off as we went to a commercial break. Coming back from the break, Cesaro had isolated Rey Mysterio, before tagging in his old partner of Nakamura for some knee strikes.

Corbin tagged in, and mouthed off to Shanky & Zanjeer as he beat Mysterio down. Mysterio would almost break free with Ziggler legal, but was stopped and the whole heel team rushed Zanjeer & Shanky. Corbin was hit with a hurricanrana, and Ricochet wanted the tag.

Rey Mysterio Takes Flight

Ricochet quickly went to work on Ziggler, getting the headscissors into a dropkick. Some measured strikes were followed by a Northern Lights Suplex, before he rolled through into a deadlift spinning brainbuster. A standing shooting star press got a two count, before Ziggler nailed the Zig Zag. Cesaro was tagged in, who went right to work on Ricochet.

Ricochet didn’t stay in long, tagging in Zanjeer who swatted Cesaro aside like a fly. Then Nakamura, and even Corbin! Shanky tagged in, Zanjeer hit the scoop slam, and Shanky hit a big jumping elbow drop. Corbin & Nakamura broke the pin up, before they all attacked Zanjeer and were thrown off with ease. Zanjeer sent Corbin over the top, before throwing Ricochet onto the pile of bodies at ringside.

Cesaro dumped Zanjeer over the ropes like it was the Royal Rumble, only to take a big boot from Shanky, and landing on the middle rope. Rey Mysterio tagged in, nailed the 619, Shanky got a lariat to drop Cesaro, before launching Mysterio into the pinfall for the win.

Will Giant Zanjeer or Dilsher Shanky meet the same heights as The Great Khali? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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