WWE News: What Could Happen Next If Goldberg Becomes WWE Champion?

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There has been a sinking feeling among the members of the WWE Universe, as there is a very real fear that Goldberg could become the next WWE Champion. The former WCW superstar is set to face off against reigning champion Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, and fears that McIntyre could lose the title have been aligned with the slashing of his odds to win the Rumble match itself over recent days. But, what could happen next if Goldberg successfully wins the WWE Championship at the PPV at the end of the month?

WWE News: McIntyre Wins It Back At Mania

Let’s face it, no fan of the WWE wants to see Goldberg become WWE Champion at the end of this month. You may even be hard-pressed to find a fan that is even happy to see him back in the WWE full stop.

However, should Goldberg win the championship at the Royal Rumble, then the only logical end game for the WWE should be McIntyre winning the title back a couple of months later in a huge WrestleMania match against the champion. It is the only way that McIntyre losing the gold would make any remote sense, as he could then claim that he has beaten Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at the biggest show of the year.

WWE News: Huge Moment For Up-and-Coming Star

Goldberg hasn’t given the rub to many younger talents since his return to the company, but that will need to change if he is successful in winning the WWE Championship at the end of the month.

One of the stars that could be born from a short-lived reign by Goldberg could be Keith Lee, who is among the favourites to win the Royal Rumble. Lee has threatened to get involved in the main event scene for the last couple of months, but a win in the Rumble and a match with Goldberg could be exactly what the former NXT star needs to reach the next level.

WWE News: Titles Unified On Raw And SmackDown

There have been teasers over the past couple of months that Roman Reigns and Goldberg are set to square off at Mania this year. However, the only way that could happen if Goldberg becomes champion is for a unification match for both titles. That would seem incredibly unlikely as the Men’s Royal Rumble match would effectively be pointless.

While a Reigns win would make him a huge star and the outright number one, it would be more worthwhile for the WWE to do a unification match between McIntyre and Reigns if this was the route that they were thinking about taking. Fans would certainly not be disappointing to see the two current champions clash again after their classic at Survivor Series.

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