WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott

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Ever since Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott had an attitude change, he’s made plenty of enemies. First was Jake Atlas, but he’s also picked a fight with Bronson Reed. We saw what that recently meant for Tyler Rust, but is Swerve more prepared for the Australian powerhouse? Swerve & Reed have a 1-1 record in NXT, with this match being the tie-breaker.

Bronson Reed Takes Flight

Swerve would try to use his speed to evade Reed early on, before ending up in the corner. The referee breaking things up allowed Swerve to get a big knee strike. Reed tried to throw Swerve over the top rope, but Swerve did a handspring and landed on his feet!

Swerve was met by Reed on the outside, missed the pump kick and was dumped head first onto the apron. Reed got Swerve back in the ring, just to send him over the top rope with a lariat and hit a suicide dive to the outside, showing off his insane agility. We’d go to a commercial break.

Despite things looking bad before the break, Swerve made a comeback after shoving Reed into the steel post on the outside. Swerve just focused on the arm of Reed, showing off his submission ability that is often hidden by his high flying. Reed would take some big strikes, but shove Swerve off when he wanted the rolling flatliner.

Swerve Couldn’t Finish The Job

Swerve would be flattened with a running body block, before taking a running senton. A delayed suplex was dropped into a Death Valley Driver, getting Reed a near fall. Reed would press the advantage with a chokeslam, but the hurt shoulder prevented this. Swerve caught Reed in the corner with a kick, before looking for a superplex.

He wouldn’t get that, but a kick to the head allowed Swerve to hit a perfect 450 Splash. Reed just barely kicked out before three, and Swerve was getting frustrated. A headbutt and a lariat from Reed put Swerve in position, and the Tsunami Splash from the top rope closed this one out.

Swerve might think twice about mouthing off to Reed anymore in the future, but he did get some close falls in this match. Should Bronson Reed be on route to an NXT Championship match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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