WWE NXT Results: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Ever-Rise [Dusty Classic Match]

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Last year, the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions were ready to expand their influences. Grizzled Young Veterans made it all the way to the finals of the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, only to be bested by The Broserweights. This year, they hope to go all the way, but first need to get past a very game Ever-Rise, who recently got more serious and actually won some matches.

Grizzled Young Veterans Get Back On Focus

After a brief promo on the way to the ring where Grizzled Young Veterans said 2021 was their year, they’d hit the ring. Ever-Rise was already ready to go in there. Martel would start with Gibson, and even shove him into the corner and slap his back. He’d flee to his corner and tag Parker in, who got instantly beat down by Gibson, before Drake tagged in.

Drake applied an aggressive headlock, before Parker fought back to his feet and was sent back down. Parker kept trying, and got a wrist lock, but had to use the hair to yank him down. Their mind games were working on the hot headed Drake, but Gibson remained calm and explained the game plan before tagging in.

Parker would be isolated, and Grizzled Young Veterans were doing all they could to keep Martel off the apron, including a Super Dropkick. A backbreaker from Gibson assisted by a vaulting body press from Drake punished him further on the outside. Things didn’t improve back in the ring, where Gibson applied a single leg crab.

Ever-Rise Gets The Comeback

A big spinning heel kick from Drake got a two count, but Parker finally had a chance to tag in Martel after fighting free from the GYV corner. Drake did his best to keep Parker away from Martel, but was pulled to the corner and Martel came in with some fire.

A swarm of elbows and a belly to belly suplex was followed by a big clothesline. Parker tagged in, and they wanted the double flapjack in the corner but Gibson saved his partner. Drake was hit with a pop up spear, and Gibson with the toehold elbow drop.

Once again, Gibson made the save, and allowed Drake to hit the dropkick to the back of Martels head. One Ticket to Mayhem punches the Grizzled Young Veterans ticket to the second round.

Could Grizzled Young Veterans win this year? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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