WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs. Dexter Lumis

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Last week at New Years Evil, we got a last minute match added to the card. Johnny Gargano was celebrating finally defending a singles championship, only to have Shotzi Blackheart & KUSHIDA attack. This led to the host making a match, which Gargano lost. Now, Gargano wants some revenge on Dexter Lumis, resulting in this here singles match!

Johnny Gargano Doesn’t Care For Fine Art

Even Johnny Gargano wasn’t immune to the cold stare of Dexter Lumis, but Gargano had some issues with a drawing Lumis sent him earlier in the night. It displayed a very scared Gargano, something that shouldn’t exist as far as Gargano is concerned!

He pulled the picture apart in front of Lumis, and got a throat thrust and Lou Thesz press for his troubles. Gargano tried to wrestle Lumis, but was outdone before they both slipped to the outside.

Lumis dodged a big kick, took a superkick but barely registered it before getting another throat thrust. He’d go to the top rope, but was cut off by Gargano who wanted the superplex. Lumis easily fought Gargano off and went for a big swanton bomb, but missed his target as we went to a commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Lumis was trapped in the middle of the ring with a camel clutch. During the break, Austin Theory distracted Lumis and allowed Gargano to hit the slingshot spear. The back was the target of Lumis after the missed dive, and some heavy forearms had Lumis in pain.

Dexter Lumis Just Wants Silence

Lumis came back with a back elbow and a spinebuster, but couldn’t follow up with a pinfall. He was able to throw some big right hands and a running bulldog, and even a slingshot suplex! Back in control, he’d hit the back suplex and kip up right into a leg drop, but only get a two count.

Lumis tried for Silence, but was fought off. Gargano came off the top rope for a crossbody, and despite being caught was able to get a crucifix pin. Some kicks to the face of Lumis would fail to get the pinfall, and instead lead to a slugfest. Theory grabbed the ankle to Lumis while the refree wasn’t looking, but Gargano failed to follow up with the One Final Beat.

Lumis would counter the finisher into Silence, but Theory once again got involved. Theory got locked in the choke, but Lumis was rolled up for the pinfall, but Theory got thrown across the ring as collateral damage.

After the match, Lumis wasn’t done and would try to choke out Theory for costing him this match. Gargano got the steel chair, but KUSHIDA made the save Lumis. Theory got Silence, Gargano got the Hoverboard Lock. KUSHIDA would throw the belt at Gargano, and called his shot!

Next week, KUSHIDA & Leon Ruff meet The Way, can he beat Gargano again then? Is Lumis done with Theory? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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