WWE NXT Results: MSK vs. Jake Atlas & Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott [Dusty Classic Match]

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There is only one mystery team in this year’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, that being MSK. It’s been all but confirmed ahead of the match that this team is Zachary Wentz and Desmond Xavier, fka The Rascalz. Now Nash Carter & Wes Lee, they’re here to raise the speed of the division.

Now This fast paced team rivals even AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks, and should be a fine match for Jake Atlas & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Atlas & Scott have had their issue, but are ready to work together to win this tournament.

These Rascalz Can Really Move

Carter got started with Atlas, and quickly would show his wrestling skills. Atlas got an armdrag, but couldn’t keep Carter down. Swerve would be tagged in, and they were trying to keep the pace slow. Carter flipped out of a wrist lock and got some space to start moving, getting a springboard spinning crossbody for a near fall.

Lee tagged in, and would attack the arm of Swerve on the mat before being pulled into a knee strike. Swerve got aggressive and threw Lee into the turnbuckle, and Atlas would keep the aggression up. Lee came back with an elbow strike, but Swerve pulled him through the ropes and Atlas nailed a running dive.

Lee was sent over the announce desk, and Carter jumped off the steel steps into Swerve. A brawl on the outside broke out, but Lee would soar over the top rope onto Swerve & Atlas as we went to a commercial break.

MSK Move Forward

Back from the break, Carter was grappling with Swerve in the ring, as Swerve broke a triangle hold. Swerve went for the German Suplex, Carter blocked and dodged a crossbody to tag in Lee. Atlas came in at same time, but was quickly beat down by Lee with a snapmare into a big dropkick.

Carter went for a moonsault, and Lee shoved him into the right position to nail the move. Lee was hit with a German Suplex by Atlas and Swerve got the deadlift brainbuster for a near fall. Swerve & Atlas were looking good, hitting a pop up powerslam into a 450 Splash, but Carter made the last minute save.

Lee was placed on the top rope for a double superplex, but Carter pulled Atlas to the outside. Carter tagged in, and Swerve was popped up to the middle rope and hit with a reverse rana. They’d nail a spinebuster/blockbuster combo called ‘The Difference Maker’ and move onto the next round.

This is how you make a debut in NXT. Fans have been waiting weeks for them to finally show up, and Atlas & Swerve were the perfect opponents to let them shine. MSK are going to go far, and are easy to peg as future NXT Tag Team Champions. Match Rating: 3.5/5 (*** ½)

Should WWE have kept the names of Wentz & Xavier the same? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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