WWE NXT Results: Pete Dunne Steps Up To NXT Champion Finn Balor

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Last week, Finn Balor once again went to war with Kyle O’Reilly over the NXT Championship, and came out on top. He didn’t even break his jaw this time! Balor was looking to address the fans of NXT to tell them his next move, and he won’t need to wait long to find out who his next challenger is.

The Prince Is Here

Here on January 13th, 2021, Finn Balor is still the NXT Champion. Kyle O’Reilly is good, in fact he’s great, but just not on Finn Balor’s level. Last week, he stepped up and was put down, and this time O’Reilly is the one eating his meals through a straw.

Balor knows he’s the target, but they’ve stopped making the cloth he’s cut from. However, he’s got an interested challenger who can argue he’s cut from the same cloth. Pete Dunne, flanked by Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan would hit the ring.

Last week, Dunne watched the match between Balor & O’Reilly, but tonight he’s gonna call his shot. He takes offense to Balor being the face of UK Wrestling, and knows Balor is only champion because Dunne hasn’t taken that belt yet.

Finn Balor Gets Some Help

On cue, Lorcan & Burch attacked, and even Finn Balor has issues with a three on one attack. He’d hold his own briefly, but the numbers game and damage to the arm from last week would have been his downfall. All that kept him from being put on the shelf was none other than Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole & Roderick Strong making the save.

They’d manage to ward Dunne, Lorcan & Burch off, and Balor gave them a look of respect before leaving the ring with the NXT Championship over his shoulder. It was a chaotic brawl, and maybe Balor realizes that he might need backup to survive in the new NXT landscape.

Will Finn Balor face Pete Dunne next for a defense of the NXT Championship? Where does this leave Karrion Kross? Is he aligned with Undisputed Era now? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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