WWE NXT UK Results: Ben Carter vs. Sam Gradwell

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Ben Carter made a huge impression in his NXT UK debut match. He took NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin to his limits, nearly winning his first taste of WWE gold. That performance opened a lot of eyes, but wasn’t enough to impress everyone. Sam Gradwell was one of the men who was far from impressed by Carter.

Despite losing his last two big matches to Joe Coffey & Tyler Bate? Gradwell still wants to take on Carter, and break this prodigy. Before the match, Gradwell would congratulate Carter on making it to NXT UK, but is from a place with more cows than people. He’d end up by saying he intends to send Carter back where he came from in this match.

Sam Gradwell Wants To Ground The High Flier

The match would start off with Carter realizing how Gradwell has a serious power edge, yet came in with a chop anyways. Gradwell would take him down to the mat with a wrist lock, and then used his leg to ground Carter briefly. Carter fought back to his feet and showed off his agility by breaking free and nailing a dropkick.

Gradwell was sent off the ropes, Carter dodged him twice and launched off another dropkick. Carter followed Gradwell to the corner, and then handsprung across the ring at the first sign of danger, and caught Gradwell with a boot before going to the second rope for a front dropkick. Gradwell went to the apron, and suckered Carter in for a punch to the head. Carter was grounded after this, and Gradwell was keen to keep control.

Gradwell pulled him off the mat, just to swat him down and stomp on the neck. Carter was unable to break free, and took a huge scoop slam and more clubbing blows. However, it only takes a second of pure agility to get Carter started. He’d counter a slingshot attempt on the ropes by twisting and landing on his feet, before slipping through the legs of Gradwell and getting a near fall on a roll up.

Ben Carter Takes Flight

Another boot to the face was followed by another dive attempt from Carter, who missed allowing Gradwell to nail a running back elbow to take Carter down. Some more heavy blows from Gradwell would test the resilience of Carter, who would be planted with a double underhook suplex for a near fall. No matter what pinning position Gradwell took, Carter would kick out.

A headlock was applied, and Carter managed to fight out with a jawbreaker. He’d throw some chops before dropping Gradwell with some running forearms, before sending him outside with a spinning kick. Carter would nail a lighthing fast suicide dive, then another dive over the top rope. Gradwell was put back in the ring, and Carter went for the diving crossbody, only to be caught.

Carter managed to lock in a guillotine choke, before being flapjacked and hit with a lariat. Gradwell went for the Death Valley Driver, but Carter slipped out and bounced off the ropes and caught Gradwell with a reverse DDT. He’d leap to the top rope, hit a Five Star Frog Splash and this one was over.

Ben Carter is really something special, but Sam Gradwell is really finding his own role in NXT UK. Every brand needs a trash talking bruiser, and Gradwell has been proving himself in the ring as well. This was one of his best matches yet, and was the first win of Carter of many in NXT UK. Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** ¼)

Will Ben Carter win gold in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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