WWE NXT UK Results: Joe Coffey vs. Ed Harvey

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Joe Coffey is determined to eventually become the NXT UK Champion. He failed to beat Pete Dunne and WALTER in UK Takeover main events, but since NXT UK returned? Coffey has been laser focused. He last beat Sam Gradwell, and now he looks to keep moving against Ed Harvey, previously known as Sha Samuels! Samuels is a veteran of the scene, but it’s hard to step past someone like Coffey.

Joe Coffey Was Born For Greater Things

These two brawlers locked up, and Coffey got the headlock applied tight. He’d be shoved off and came back with a shoulder tackle, take one back from Harvey, and come back with a crossbody before being caught and slammed right into the mat. Harvey missed a big elbow drop, and was dropped with a pounce before throwing Coffey into the corner. Coffey caught Harvey with a hurricanrana before nailing him with a lariat over the top rope.

Harvey had a had time getting back in the ring, and was getting irate. He’d grab a microphone and have something to say. Loudly he would proclaim that he’s not Ed Harvey, he didn’t come to WWE to be called Ed Harvey, he’s Sha Samuels and he wants respect put on that name!

His Name Is Samuel Shaw!

Samuels would hit the ring, and Coffey was caught with a big spinebuster. With a fire inside, he dropped Coffey with a big back body drop and elbow drop. Coffey had to fight off an arm lock, but Samuels had a tight grip. Samuels would get rolled up, but kick out and send Coffey right into the turnbuckles and kick him right in the spine.

Coffey was getting mauled with a headlock, which would be turned into a sleeper hold. Samuels lost control and was sent flying with a back body drop. A running shoulder tackle and a big belly to belly suplex for Coffey a two count. Coffey threw some heavy punches in the corner, before going for the springboard crossbody and landing right into a slam. Cobra Clutch was applied by Samuels, and Coffey would work hard to get Samuels off and got the springboard crossbody for a near fall.

The Glasgow Send Off and Best of The Bells combo would put Samuels down, and that makes three singles wins in a row for Coffey. Will Sha Samuels go back to his old name after this match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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