WWE Raw Preview (1/11) – Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre

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Here we go again, and WWE Raw Preview are curious how the WWE will dig themselves out of the hole they dug by having Bill Goldberg challenge Drew McIntyre last week.

We assume there’s going to be more of a follow up to that tonight, but having McIntyre and Orton face off again is just bad.

It’s not that they won’t give us a good to great match; quite the opposite.

That’s assuming they allow them to have an actual match which we don’t expect to happen.

The Fiend returns

Orton said his confrontation with the Fiend changed him and made him more ruthless and dangerous, so he’s going after McIntyre again to prove his point.

We expect Orton to say he’s the best option to hold the WWE Championship as he’s the Legend Killer and McIntyre will be happy to beat him again so the build up for the match is simple.

But somewhere during the match, or even before, we expect the Fiend to make an appearance and attack Orton.

It may even be Alexa Bliss that comes out to distract Orton for McIntyre to claim the victory.

Most likely plan

Since the Fiend has a score to settle with Orton and Goldberg, it’s possible we could see Orton and the Fiend face off again at the Royal Rumble, or we could get a fatal fourway.

WWE Raw Preview doubts it’ll be the latter, which will mean the Fiend and Orton will probably face each other a final time at the Royal Rumble and Goldberg will defeat McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Of course, if this is the plan it’ll only prove what most have been saying about the WWE’s current talent is being undermined by their Legends as Goldberg squashed the Fiend in a Universal title match and will face McIntyre.

Goldberg defeating McIntyre makes zero sense, but so did him coming out to challenge McIntyre last week.

Nothing like a 50 something wrestler coming in and beating or undercutting the current top wrestler cause let’s face it, there’s no way Goldberg should last five minutes with McIntyre.

It should be as big a squash match as we expect this match tonight to be no where as good as it can be for outside reasons.

What do you think will happen tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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