WWE Raw Results (1/11) – AJ Styles w/Omos Defeated Drew Gulak by Pinfall

Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as AJ Styles asked Adam Pearce backstage who will throw him over the top rope when he’s got Omos to catch him.

He then went on about how a genie granted Pearce a wish to face Reigns and if Reigns slips on a handful of banana peels and Pearce wins, he can face Styles at WrestleMania.

Pearce tried to calm him down and claim he didn’t want any part of it when Drew Gulak came up to announce his entrance into the Royal Rumble and said he’d like to enter at number 30.

Pearce told him there are already 30 entrants in the match and Gulak said Styles did and he already had his chance and blew it.

Styles asked Gulak who he beat, and he held out a flash drive and told Pearce for his eyes only.

Pearce said he’ll put him in the match if he can beat Styles next.

AJ Styles w/Omos vs. Drew Gulak

The winner gets the final Royal Rumble spot, so we expect this to be a competitive one.

Gulak started it off by charging in and attempting a dropkick that Styles countered with a dropkick.

Styles then drove him back with a series of rights and then hit a backbreaker.

Gulak hit Styles in the throat and followed it with a suplex for a near pinfall, then a bridging suplex for another pin attempt.

A Tiger Driver followed for another near pinfall.

Gulak put Styles on the top rope and went for a superplex but Styles held on and then slid under him, but Gulak rolled him up for a near pinfall.

A backslide followed, and Styles finally regained control with a Pele kick.

Styles nailed a series of strikes and a forearm were followed by Styles throw in Gulak over the top rope.

Omos stepped nest to Gulak so he could see how big his feet are and Gulak was pretty unnerved.

Styles then slammed Gulak into the announce table and threw him into the ring for a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

This was a better match than WWE Raw Results expected, and we’d love to see Gulak get a good push. He definitely deserves it.

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