WWE Raw Results (1/11) – Drew McIntyre Accepts Goldberg’s Challenge; T-Bar w/Retribution (Mustafa Ali, Slapjack, Mace, Reckoning) Defeated Xavier Woods by Pinfall

T-Bar dropped Woods on his knee for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned to a recap of last week’s WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee, followed by Goldberg’s challenge that came out of nowhere and was supposed to get us excited.

Drew McIntyre responded to Goldberg’s challenge by starting out how it was a dream scenario to wrestle in front of the Legends but he was rudely interrupted before he could thank them.

He said he didn’t expect Goldberg to come out, and admitted that he’s one of his all time favorites and said when he met him in person that he let him down.

He added that Goldberg not only let him down, but his entire legacy and told Goldberg he put words in his mouth and said he has nothing but respect for others.

He pointed out that the WWE Championship has alluded Goldberg during his career and he didn’t intend to accept but he changed his mind when Goldberg laid his hands on him.

He told Goldberg he’s next at the Royal Rumble.

It switched to Riddle backstage as he explained that he can’t wait for his match tonight, and that it’s going to be absolutely awesome when he faces Bobby Lashley.

He compared it to the perfect pizza that has everything, and Lucha House Party looked confused and asked him if he’s hungry.

Riddle admitted he is, but used the pizza as a metaphor for beating Lashley.

They told him they hope he wins and to watch his back, but Riddle pointed out that’s physically impossible.

Xavier Woods vs. T-Bar w/Retribution (Mustafa Ali, Slapjack, Mace, Reckoning)

Woods and T-Bar locked up and T-Bar slapped on a side headlock, and Woods sent him into the ropes and then ate a shoulder block.

Woods tried a headlock of his own, and T-Bar sent him off the ropes and hit another shoulder block, and then an elbow in the corner.

T-Bar caught him in when he tried to flip over him but Woods fought out of it and kicked T-Bar’s left leg, then hit a few rights.

T-Bar sent him off the ropes and hit another clothesline for a near pinfall.

T-Bar dropped him with a right and kneed Woods in the back and locked in a chin lock.

Woods broke the hold with a jawbreaker, but T-Bar grabbed him again and Woods hit another jaw breaker.

Woods hit a couple of chops before T-Bar hit a chop. Woods then hit s boot and a series of chops, then slid under T-Bar and tried to kick him, but T-Bar caught him

T-Bar threw him into the corner and charged in, but Woods avoided him. T-Bar flipped him over the ropes, but Woods landed on the apron and hit a step up kick.

Woods then headed to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick that sent T-Bar out of the ring. Woods then hit dropkick through the ropes and threw T-Bar back into the ring.

Woods fought off Retribution, and T-Bar used the distraction to leverage Wood’s right shoulder against the ropes again and again, then hit his knee for the win.

WWE Raw Results found Randy Orton backstage as he was asked about Triple H accepting his challenge. He said they go way back and Triple H knows him better than anyone else.

He said times have changed and Triple H doesn’t realize he has a newfound hatred for himself, but because he can embrace it he can redirect that hate toward someone else like Triple H.

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