WWE Raw Results (1/11) – Randy Orton Challenges Triple H to a Fight

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

Tonight should be an interesting show with the news of Drew McIntyre testing positive for COVID. We send him our best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery.

This adds an interesting element to the show if it’s not pre-recorded. Let’s get to the action.

Following a recap of Randy Orton’s actions last week with the legends, Triple H kicked off the show by coming out to the ring.

The piped in chants of Triple H were impressive as he welcomed us to the Thunderdome and Monday Night Raw.

He started saying it’s a difficult job when Randy Orton came out to probably challenge him.

Orton said the office decided to show up because Drew McIntyre couldn’t, and told Hunter he was supposed to have an important match tonight.

Triple H said he’s aware and Orton said he figured he’s there for a special ruling and name him as the last entrance to enter the Royal Rumble or hand him the WWE Championship.

Triple H told him if he wants to win it, then he needs to win the Royal Rumble anyway he can.

Orton pointed out the only reason Triple H is there is to make a call to benefit him.

Triple H asked if there’re at the point of exchanging cheap threats, and said Orton’s done a lot of impressive things over the last year.

He said it’s good to see the old Orton back and that a lot of people thought he took things too far.

Triple H’s Pride

He added that the last thing that stands between Orton and the WWE Championship was the Fiend, and he dropped the match.

He said he was never prouder of Orton and that he would’ve done the same thing.

Triple H added there’s a few things he’s done that he doesn’t understand like him kicking Legends in the head, threatening them, and humiliating them to the world.

He didn’t understand why he did those when it didn’t benefit him. and took away his pride and solidified that Randy Orton was a no good pr—.

Orton said Hunter can call him what he wants, but he’s a legend in his own time and then asked in the Game and Cerebral still in there, and then he’ll take him out once and for good.

He said it wouldn’t be a match but a fight tonight.

Triple H said there’s no benefit in it to him and he knows better than to give someone something they want.

Orton said is there nothing to benefit him or was he unable to retrieve his balls from Stephanie’s purse.

Triple H nailed him with a right and Orton hit the mat and rolled to the floor smiling and said he guesses that means yes. WWE Raw Results is looking forward to this one.

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