WWE Raw Results (1/11) – Triple H vs. Randy Orton Ends in No Contest

Alexa Bliss appeared and blinded Randy Orton

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WWE Raw Results have been waiting for this since Orton restarted his legend Killer persona, and Triple H waited in the ring for him, ready for the fight.

It’s important to note that there is no referee as this is a fight, not a match.

Orton tried entering the ring at a couple of spots before he took a running start and slid in, and Triple H met him with a right that drove him from the ring.

Orton tried again, and he gained the upper hand as he backed Triple H into the corner.

Triple H reversed their positions and hammered away on Orton before throwing him into the ropes. Triple H ducked too soon for a backdrop, and Orton caught him with a kick.

Orton then hit him with a right and shoved him to the floor where he nailed him with another right, but Triple H reversed a whip and sent Orton into the steel stairs.

Triple H threw Orton into the barricade and slammed his head into the steps. Orton hit a thumb to the eye and then bounced Triple H’s head off the announce desk.

Triple H blocked a suplex attempt on the announce desk and dropped Orton onto it instead.

He then threw Orton into the ring and pulled his trademark sledgehammer from under the ring.

As Triple H headed into the ring, the lights started to go out as the Fiend drew closer.

Orton waited while Triple H kept focused on Orton.

Alexa’s revenge

Triple H’s sledgehammer suddenly ignited on fire and the lights went out, with only Triple H showing.

When the lights came back on, Orton was alone in the ring and Alexa Bliss stood behind him in a corner.

Orton kept looking around him for the Fiend as Bliss stepped forward.

She set of a bright flash in Orton’s face, blinding him. Orton stumbled around the ring blind as the show ended.

This episode far exceeded our expectations given recent Raws, and we loved it. Maybe Triple H is running Raw now, too? We can only hope.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining us.

WWE Raw Results had a blast and we can’t wait until next time.

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