WWE Raw Results (1/18) – The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin) w/MVP Defeated Riddle and Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik) by Submission

Lashley slapped the Hurt Lock on Metalik for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned and Metalik and Alexander started things off with Alexander kicking Metalik and then hammering him down to the mat, and then knocked him into a corner.

Alexander threw him into the opposite corner and ran into a boot. Alexander hit a dropkick off the ropes, then walked away from Benjamin and Lashley trying to tag in.

Alexander hit a backbreaker while staring down Benjamin.

Benjamin gave him a thumbs up as Metalik got loose and caught him with a boot before tagging in Dorado.

Dorado hit a leg scissors and hammered on Alexander, but Alexander nailed him with a right and an elbow and went to a tag, but Benjamin and Lashley refused.

Lashley told him to handle it and when Alexander turned around, he was met with a couple of kicks and Dorado hit a moonsault off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Dorado locked in an armbar, and Alexander pushed him into the ropes and Benjamin tagged himself in.

Dorado rolled through Benjamin for a pin attempt, but Benjamin hit t knee off the ropes. Benjamin threw across the ring into the corner and went for a pin attempt.

Lashley tagged in and they hit a double shoulder block.

Lashley threw Dorado into a corner and beat him down, then drove him into their where Alexander tagged himself in, and Benjamin tagged himself in.

Benjamin beat Dorado down, and Alexander tagged himself in, and Dorado hit a Rewind off the ropes to get a breather.

Alexander dragged Dorado back to their corner and tagged Benjamin in. Alexander shoved Benjamin, so Benjamin shoved him and knocked him out of the ring to the floor.

MVP got in Alexander’s face to cool him off and get him refocused as we headed to commercial.

Dysfunction junction

Back from commercial, things have settled down and Alexander was in control over Dorado with an armbar, and then slammed him down for a pin attempt.

Lashley tagged himself in and he hit a body slam on Dorado and tagged in Benjamin.

Benjamin threw Dorado across the ring, and then hit a snap suplex and Alexander tagged himself in again.

Alexander beat Dorado down in a corner and put him on the top rope.

Dorado fought Alexander back and hit a crossbody off the top rope and tagged in Riddle.

Riddle ducked a clothesline by Benjamin and hit a kick and a running elbow in the corner. Riddle then hit Lashley on the apron and went back to Benjamin.

Benjamin blocked a suplex with a couple of knees and went for a powerbomb, but Riddle fought out of it and hit a Final Flash Knee for a near pinfall.

Riddle went to the top rope and missed a Floating Bro when Benjamin rolled out of the way.

Gran Metalik tagged in and hit Benjamin with crossbody off the top rope and followed it with a huricanranna off the ropes.

Benjamin caught him and slammed him to the mat and Alexander tagged himself in.

Alexander hit a suplex and then mouthed off to Benjamin, so Lashley tagged himself in.

Lashley knocked Riddle off the apron, hit a spear on Metalik, and then locked in the Hurt Lock on Metalik for the win.

Lashley separate Benjamin and Alexander, and Riddle hit him with right and took off before anyone could catch him.

Alexander kept yelling and blaming Benjamin for their problems in the middle of the ring.

WWE Raw Results are counting down the days until Alexander is either chased out of the Hurt Business or takes it over.

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