WWE Raw Results (1/25) – The Hurt Business Gauntlet – Riddle Defeated Shelton Benjamin (Pinfall), MVP (Submission), and Cedric Alexander (Pinfall) to face Bobby Lashley for the US Championship

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WWE Raw Results love how the match started fast as Riddle tried to hit a Final Flash Knee, but Benjamin sidestepped him.

Riddle blocked Benjamin’s right and hit a series of strikes and kicks as he backed Benjamin into a corner.

Riddle then hit a running forearm, but Benjamin caught him on his second attempt and tried to hit a German Suplex, but Riddle landed on his feet and then hit a kick.

Riddle when for another knee and Benjamin caught him and powered him up for a powerbomb and near pinfall.

Benjamin picked riddle up for an Olympic Slam and placed him on the top rope and then hit a knee to send Riddle to the floor.

Benjamin pulled him into the ring and hit another knee and body slam for a pin attempt.

Benjamin then locked in an arm lock but Riddle fought out of it with some rights, btu he ran into a knee off the ropes and nearly suffered a near pinfall.

Benjamin mounted him and hammered away, then hit a knee, followed by a suplex attempt that Riddle blocked.

Benjamin hit a knee and then a knee strike for a pin attempt.

Benjamin locked in a reverse chin lock, and then a waist lock that Riddle reversed into a guillotine.

Benjamin powered to his feet and lifted Riddle for a suplex, but Riddle caught him with a knee.

Alexander distracted Riddle long enough for Benjamin to attempt to roll him up, but Riddle reversed it and Benjamin reversed it again while.

Benjamin would’ve had the win had Alexander not kept the referee distracted.

Riddle kicked out when the ref saw it, and Benjamin dropped him with a right and turned his attention to Alexander, demanding to know what he was doing.

While MVP told Alexander to do nothing, Riddle took advantage of it to roll Benjamin up for the pin.

Riddle vs. MVP

MVP was trying to get Alexander and Benjamin to calm down when the bell rang and Riddle rolled him up in a leglock for the submission win.

Onto Alexander for round three. WWE Raw Results have a feeling we know how this will go.

Riddle vs. Cedric Alexander w/MVP, Shelton Benjamin

WWE Raw Results returned from commercial, Alexander was in control as he ground Riddle into the turnbuckle with his shoulder, and then snapmared him over for a pin attempt.

Riddle fought his way to his feet with a series of rights, then went off the ropes but Alexander caught him with a knee, and then a gut buster for a near pinfall.

Alexander worked Riddle’s right arm with a knee in his back, but Riddle got to his feet and hammered Alexander with forearms and kicks, then a forearm smash.

Alexander caught him with a dropkick and pin attempt but Riddle kicked out.

Alexander locked in an abdominal stretch but Riddle made it to the ropes to break the hold.

Alexander then choked Riddle out with a knee and went for a couple of pin attempts before slapping on a waist lock.

Riddle fought out of it with a series of elbows, but Alexander stayed after him and countered a fireman’s carry into a DDT for a near pinfall.

Alexander locked in a rear chin lock but Riddle fought out of it again and countered Alexander’s kick with a Pele kick and a pair of forearm shivers, followed by an exploder.

Alexander docked a running kick and standing moonsault, then countered a Broton by getting his knees up.

Alexander hit Riddle with a couple of strikes and Riddle fought back. Alexander hit a kick and took a second to celebrate, and that’s when Riddle caught him with a German Suplex.

Alexander hit a brainbuster for a near pinfall.

Alexander nailed a bunch of punches and kicks on Riddle, then headed to the top rope. Riddled rolled out of the way to forced Alexander to roll through.

Riddle then locked in a triangle choke but Alexander countered it with a powerbomb and pin attempt. Riddle locked it in again and Alexander picked him up again but Riddle released the hold then rolled Alexander up for the pin.

Riddle stood on the ramp and taunted them as Bobby Lashley ran out and dropped him with a right and slapped on the Hurt Lock.

Lashley threw Riddle into the barricade and Hurt Business headed to the back.

WWE Raw Results expected this, but the matches were really enjoyable so we’re good. What did you think of them?

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