WWE Raw Results (1/4) – Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) vs. The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) (w/MVP); R-Truth Reclaims 24/7 Championship

Dorado rolled up Benjamin for the win; R-Truth rolled Angel Garza up for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as backstage, the Lucha House Party came across Melina and she started them on their Lucha chant as they headed to the ring.

The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) (w/MVP) vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik)

MVP joined the commentary team for this match and he refused to take the bait and talk about Lashley’s loss.

Benjamin started things off by hammering on Gran Metalik and then hit a shoulder block off the ropes.

Metalik caught Benjamin with a boot, then a leg scissors and a superkick. He tried a hurricanrana, but Benjamin overpowered him and countered with a powerbomb.

Alexander came in and hit a clothesline for a pin attempt.

Metalik blocked a Lumbar check, then flipped over Alexander to tag in Lince Dorado.

Dorado hit with a hurricanrana but ran into a slam and Alexander pounded Dorado down.

Alexander threw Dorado into the ropes, but Dorado hit a handstand off the ropes and into a stunner and Alexander stumbled over to tag in Benjamin.

Benjamin knocked Metalik off the apron with a knee and threw Dorado into their corner where Alexander tagged himself in.

Benjamin then tagged himself in and they started fighting as Alexander’s ego has gotten a wee bit big lately.

Dorado took advantage and hit Benjamin with a superkick and he flipped Alexander over the top rope.

Dorado then hit a pendulum snapmare/rollup on Benjamin for the win.

After the match, Benjamin and Alexander exchange words and MVP had to hold Benjamin back from going after Alexander when he walked off.

Garza finds the Boogeyman, R-Truth Wins back the 24/7 Championship

Backstage, Angel Garza approached Torrie Wilson with a rose while she chatted with Nikki Cross and asked if she’d accept the rose.

Wilson said she was in the middle of the of a conversation, and said she invited Kylie Jenner, Arianna Grande, and Cardi B to watch Raw and told him to go into a room to introduce himself.

Garza walked into a dark room and found the Boogeyman waiting. And Garza ran out screaming.

R-Truth rolled him up for the pin, then skipped away with both ladies on his arm.

Ron Simmons walked up and stood over Garza and gave a really heartfelt “Damn!”

Man, WWE Raw Results really miss hearing that.

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