WWE Raw Results (1/4) – Randy Orton Defeated Jeff Hardy by Pinfall

Orton hit an RKO for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Orton and Hardy exchanged advantages during their first lockup, and when they finally broke in the corner Orton stuck a thumb in Hardy’s eye.

Orton his a snapmare and a stomp to Hardy’s face. He then racked his knee pad across Hardy’s eyes and threw him to the floor.

Orton slammed hardy’s head into the announce desk several times before slamming him onto the desk.

Orton threw him into the ring for a pin attempt, then locked in a arm lock, the stomped Hardy before breaking when hardy reached the ropes.

Hardy landed a few kicks, and then hit a clothesline and elbow before throwing Orton into a corner and hitting a couple of shoulders.

Orton hit with a pair of kicks, and then he stomped Hardy’s left hand and then Hardy’s right before he locked in a reverse chin lock.

Hardy fought out of the hold with a series of elbows, and hit a Twist of Fate and headed to the top rope.

Orton rolled to the floor, but Hardy hit with a crossbody off the apron as we headed to commercial.

Hardy nearly pulls it out

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Orton in control with a reverse chin lock.

Hardy tried to fight out of it, but Orton slammed him to the mat for a near pinfall and Orton went back to pulling at Hardy’s pierced ear lobes.

Orton then hit a couple of stomps and a knee drop for a near pinfall, and Orton went right back to a reverse chin lock but Hardy reached the ropes to break the hold.

Hardy hit with a right and a jawbreaker, and fought out of a draping DDT and hit an inverted atomic drop, a double leg drop, basement dropkick, and a elbow drop for a near pinfall.

Orton hit a knee, but then absorbed a clothesline and a splash in the corner.

Hardy followed it with a reverse elbow and then a Whisper in the Wind for a near pinfall.

Hardy hit a kick to send Orton to the floor and a dropkick through the ropes, then headed to the top rope after he threw Orton into the ring.

Orton rolled to the other side of the ring, forcing Hardy to come down from the turnbuckle, and he caught Hardy with a kick and hit a draping DDT.

Orton set Hardy up for an RKO, but Hardy countered into a roll up pin attempt. Hardy then tried a Twist of Fate that Orton countered into an RKO for the win.

This was a good match and WWE Raw Results wouldn’t mind seeing a feud between them at some point.

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